Working Mum: Wednesday Is The New Friday!

I’m not overly keen on the phrase ‘working mum’ because, let’s face it, a mum’s work never really ends! But I do have paid job outside of wiping my kids arses and all the rest of the fun stuff that comes with having kids…


Except my work very definitely involves wiping kids arses! Sometimes I think I must be nuts to do what I do, but I can’t lie I do enjoy it. Most of the time! And the fact that I get to say

“Have good weekend – oops, I mean rest of the week – guys!”

when I leave on Wednesday afternoon makes it just that little bit sweeter.

We Were On A Break!

I gave up my career just after Amelia turned one, and I felt certain that I didn’t want to return to paid work for at least a year, more even. I lasted about 6 weeks. The reality of being at home 24-7 pretty quickly ate away at what little self-confidence I had, and after the novelty wore off (somewhere around week 3) I rediscovered what I had always known about myself. Working keeps me sane.

Even before having kids, I’ve always been the type of person to throw myself into whatever paid work I’m doing. Be it collecting trolleys in Sainsburys (true story, when I was doing my A-levels) or running a retail business, I’m the type constantly trying to find ways to do it better. I like the challenge of doing a great job, of learning new things, and I definitely like the feeling of achieving something great.

Working Mum

I don’t know that I’ve found my calling doing what I’m doing now, but I do know that it works for us as a family right now. The hours are good, the pay is ok, and the work/life balance is the best I’ve ever had it.

That being said, at the moment I feel like I’m fighting a constant internal battle. I know that I can’t not work; before long I’d be in a desperate downward spiral of depression. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to never go back to that place, so working part-time eases most of that for me. But a huge part of me misses the sense of fulfilment in working full time and achieving amazing things (including the pay packet).

What’s Right For Me Might Not Be Right For Them

I never wonder if I’m doing the right thing for the kids by working part-time. In fact, I know that right now it’s probably the best thing I could do for them. They get to enjoy days at the nursery they both love and are thriving in, I get some time away which ultimately makes me a better mum the rest of the time, and I am teaching them that working is an important part of life.

Working Mum

But I do wonder if, in the long term, it’s the right thing for me. What if, by the time it makes sense to go back to full time work, I’m so far out of it that I can’t succeed and thrive anymore? What if it’s too late for me to re-ignite the successful career woman in me? What then? As much as my job now is perfect for family life, I feel like I’ve taken ten steps backwards, and I’m worried it’s going to end up being too late to take the eleven steps forwards that I eventually want to.

I feel like I should end this post with some kind of knowledgeable epiphany about how I’m definitely smashing life, being a mum is the most successful I’ve ever been, and when the time is right my career will be whatever I choose to make it…

That’s all probably true. But I’m actually going to end with this;

If anyone has a full time position going for a creative entrepreneurial type, paying about £40k+, with a private healthcare scheme, that will allow me to work flex and from home, and will happily give me time off for all pending future sickness bugs/poorly tummies/school plays/half terms and 6 weeks in the summer… I’M YOUR WOMAN!

For the right job, I’m even willing to be flexible on the healthcare *wink wink* Hit me up in the comments, I can start Monday tomorrow right now!

30 thoughts on “Working Mum: Wednesday Is The New Friday!

  1. Haha, brilliant. I don’t have a job for you i’m afraid, but any surplus opportunities you get, do feel free to send them my way. Pen x #RV&HT

  2. I need to find something that is flexible and fits round the kids when they start school – who knows if I will find anything. I wonder if working from home is easier – but I love the social side of work too much x #DreamTeam

    1. I think it becomes so difficult once they’re at school what with navigating drop off/pick up etc… I’m sure you will find whatever works for you as a family!xz

  3. I love the sound of your dream job too!!! I want it! It sounds like you have a great balance for now, and there will always be nagging doubts surrounding if you’ve got the best possible balance I imagine, but I’m sure you can continue to iron those out, and I’m not sure they ever fully go away anyway!! I haven’t worked for five years now, and I do feel pretty depressed and my self confidence has plummeted. We can’t afford childcare for both children-I’d never earn enough to cover it, and my husband is ignoring my pleas to take a slight loss for a while, until both children are at school! When they are, I’ll be back to work so quickly!!

    1. It is a really hard balance to strike isn’t it?! I suppose we are quite lucky in the respect that we are entitled to tax credits which contribute somewhat to childcare (although it still doesn’t make me feel any better when my payslip comes in and it’s £50 LESS than the childcare bill haha!) and also now that Amelia’s 3-year-funding has kicked in that’s helped a little bit too! I think we should all just apply for my mystery job haha!!!!xx

  4. Back from #StayClassyMama this is really relevant to how I’ve been feeling this week. I’m so happy I’m in this new role however it’s now full-time (as in 9-6 and no WFH day, which I had at my previous company) and it’s a bit daunting. I know I’ll eventually get used to it eventually, I was worried I wouldn’t be ready but I don’t think anything holds you back except for yourself. When you are ready it will be there waiting for you!❤️❤️❤️

  5. I’m totally with you! I went back to work part time when my son turned 6 months and then full time just after his first birthday. I did feel a bit guilty for leaving my baby whilst I was out working, but I decided that I needed to look after my own mental wellbeing as well. #bigpinklink

    1. Couldn’t agree more!! High five to you for doing whats right for the whole family, including yourself!!!xx

  6. This is great!! It’s a hard balance and luckily I think I have just about found it. I’m not sure I’m cut out to be SAHM but equally I want to cherish time with my kids while they’re little. Thanks for linking for #marvmondays x

  7. Hah, I am on adoption leave for 2 years with older boys so even ‘normal’mums find it weird and I can’t even join toddler groups as my boys go to school. I feel your pain. Blogging keeps my sanity… 🙂 #BrilliantBlogPosts

    1. Oh wow, but what an amazing thing to do! What age have you adopted at? I feel like it’s so rare that children are adopted at an older age, and I think anyone who adopts older children should be hailed as modern day heroes!!xx

  8. Hmmm I may know some peeps! Lol (but for real I work in advertising and there may be some sort of creative job like that) hit me up! ; )

    I felt exactly the same on mat leave, just about six weeks in I was over it lol

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