William Is One: To My Boy, From Your Mama

Yesterday you turned one. One whole year you have been with us. Somehow it feels like both forever and yet no time at all. While I will always look back on your first birthday with a certain amount of guilt, I will also remember that for your first birthday we gave you the best present that any little boy could need: we gave you a home (and cake).


We had originally planned on moving a week after your birthday but, like most things in life, the best laid plans went slightly awry. So as it turned out, on your very first birthday you woke for the first time in a brand new house. You woke in a house with more space than you have every known, a house with a garden, a shed for you to hide in when we’re playing hide and seek, and room for you to play.

Not only did you wake in a new house, my hope is that you woke to a new life. A life with freedom to dream, explore, and grow into the fine young man I know that you will one day be.

I felt immensely guilty for most of the day yesterday. There was no big party, I couldn’t find the balloons I packed, and a banner was put up in haste as soon as I unpacked it. But we did enjoy a lovely meal with some people I’ve been dying for you to get to know, and we will always have the memory of the “1 Next Week” party that we held in the communal gardens of our old home. You are surrounded by so much love, and I hope you always know that family isn’t about who’s closest to you, but about those who love you the most.

So here’s to you, my boy Wills, for surviving our crazy family for one whole year! You’ve shown us all how a real foodie eats, made us laugh, and shocked us with your adventurous and fearless nature. Most of all, you’ve added to the huge amount of love in our family. We’ve watched you grow for this last year in awe, and I can’t wait to see what the next year, and every year after that, has to offer!

All my love,



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