The Weightloss Edit: I’m Not Perfect, Are You?

Welcome back to The Weightloss Edit. A few weeks ago, I made a deal with myself that I was going to get back to where I know I am comfortable and healthy, which is going to involve dropping a few (lots) of pounds. I know that my tendency to be easily distracted is high when it comes to eating well. I hoped that by sharing my weekly meal plan and results I might stay more motivated and in turn maybe help to motivate others too.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. If you’ve missed any of the meal plans you can grab them here;
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I’m Not Perfect, Are You?

I wanted to talk a little bit this week about how we perceive ourselves and other people. I’ve had a few people contact me this week saying that they think the Weightloss Edit is great but they just don’t have the willpower I do and they don’t think they could ever stick to it.

Reading these things made me feel really awful to be honest. I’ve tried to make conscious effort since I started this series of being brutally (sometimes embarrassingly) honest. The night we had pizza – owned it. The days I didn’t eat because I couldn’t get off the loo with a bug – owned it. The secret snacking between every.single.meal – owned it!

I’m not perfect. I definitely have blips, and I definitely have whatever the word is for bigger than a blip! For a long time I was amazingly focussed, and I managed to drop from a dress size 18 to 12, which is where I’m still at now. I’m mostly happy with that, which is why I probably have a lot more ‘blips’ now than I ever did before!

You’ve Got to Do You

Each and every one of us is different, and we each have different reasons for wanting to eat better. Whether it’s to be healthier or purely to lose weight, because we hate what we see in the mirror or because we’ve been told we need to do it for our health. I could list a thousand reasons, but whatever your motivation is only you can really know, and only you can really own it.

I don’t have any more or less willpower than you, or anyone else for that matter. In fact, I’d go so far to say that my willpower is pretty crap, really. But when it really mattered to me, I found my motivation and I owned it. And I refuse to beat myself up about the days (weeks!) when I don’t own it quite so much, because in the grand scheme of things I’ve probably got another 30-50 years to worry about my weight.

What’s Your Motivation?

So rather than worrying about who has more willpower, who’s doing better, losing more weight, having less slip ups, or who looks better than you, find your motivation. Find your why and find a way to keep it right there in the front of your mind. If you slip up, own it. It doesn’t make you nay better or worse than anyone else, and it doesn’t have to affect your life!

I don’t think it really matters what your motivation is. When I first started seriously focussing on my weight it was simply because I hated looking in the mirror. These days my goal is a bit different; put simply I want to look smoking! I’m not afraid to admit that! My sister did an amazing job with her weight loss after starting her midwifery training and realising that when the time came for her to have kids it would be tougher because of her weight. I’ve met inspiring people who have lost serious weight after finding out they were diabetic and have changed their medical future immeasurably.

Remember YOU

Whatever your motivation is, find a way to keep it with you. It could be a picture in your purse or on your fridge door. It could be a mantra you repeat to yourself when you feel like raiding the cupboards or hitting the treat aisle. It could be a Pinterest board, a PC screen saver, a size 12 dress in your wardrobe, a fear of needles. Whatever helps you remember your why, find what works for you and stick with it.

My Weekly Loss

The Weightloss Edit

Weightloss Without The Faff

Breakfast is a big part of our day, and we eat a lot! That being said, my daily porridge is the only thing I weigh & measure, because otherwise the tendency to eat way too much is just too easy!

There are a lot of carbs in the form of pasta and potatoes on my weekly menu, but there is a reason for that. I have established over the years that my body needs serious carbs in order to function. I am on my feet all day, using up a lot of energy running around after 2 young kids. When I restrict carbs, I basically become a vegetable!

Eating lots of carbs, as long as I've balanced it well with fruit and veg, has never stopped me from losing weight. in fact, during the 18 or so months when I lost nearly 3 stone I ate more carbs than ever. I just balanced it out with more of the better stuff.

Bear in mind that we are all different, you should go with how your body feels. If too many carbs leave you feeling bloated, reduce it a little. Also I am not a food and nutrition expert by any stretch of the imagination. These meal plans are simply what I eat day to day. I will always be honest about what I've eaten and what I've lost or gained. Even if I'm a bit ashamed of it!


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