The Weightloss Edit: Little Tweaks to Make a Big Change

Welcome back to The Weightloss Edit. A few weeks ago, I made a deal with myself that I was going to get back to where I know I am comfortable and healthy, which is going to involve dropping a few (lots) of pounds. I know that my tendency to be easily distracted is high when it comes to eating well. I hoped that by sharing my weekly meal plan and results I might stay more motivated and in turn maybe help to motivate others too.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. If you’ve missed any of the meal plans you can grab them here;
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

Change Big to Lose Big?

Personally, except in exceptional circumstances, I’m not convinced that in order to start losing weight you have to make huge life changing adaptations to the way you eat. I mean, yes, if your diet consists of 18 double cheeseburgers 4 times a week then you might want to look into that. But I feel like a lot of us genuinely think that we’re *mostly* making ok choices, which then makes it even harder to accept when we don’t lose weight.

For most of us, there are small, simple changes and swaps we can make that will make a huge difference to our ability to lose weight. For me, it’s not about cutting out food groups entirely, I’m not down with that. I like carbs, I like protein, I like biscuits. #sorrynotsorry. You’ve probably heard it a thousand times, and there’s no way of getting away from it – it’s all about balance and moderation.

I Already Eat Well, What Can I Change?

Oil was a big one for me. Once I switched out to a spray oil I noticed a huge difference in my weight, and also in the taste of the food I was cooking! Nowadays, anything cooked in oil literally makes my stomach feel all squelchy and gross. The next biggest thing for me was the fat content of meat I was buying. Where possible, I always buy 5% fat or less. Aldi & Lidl both do a fantastic price on 5% British beef mince, and I swear by it. Turkey mince is great too, and actually quite tasty (I’m not a turkey at Christmas kinda-girl, sorry!)

Writing a shopping list is one of the very best ways to change little habits. It’s far too easy when you go shopping without a list to stray from the path into familiar chocolate territory. Make a list, cross each item off as you go. You’ll save £’s and lbs, so it’s a win/win!

Confession Time

Are you a secret snacker? I am. Are you a subconscious snacker? I am. Are you fed up with the extra tyre? I definitely am! I’m a secret and subconscious snacker. I have snacks and don’t even remember them, making it oh-so shitty when I realise I’ve put on a pound or two and don’t know how! removing the opportunity for secret snacks is important if you know it’s something you struggle with. Some people can have a treat cupboard and limit themselves. I cannot. I have a treat cupboard that is empty most of the week because I do the lot in one go.

Remove the cupboard! Ok, that’s a bit drastic. But empty it. Easier said than done with kids in the house, I totally get you. If, like me, you have younger kids and can get away with this, buy rich teas (or some other shitty snack). I am not tempted by rich teas at all, but my 3-year-old and 1-year-old are perfectly content with any old biscuit! If you have older kids, they can help you be accountable. When you do your food shop, show them the treats you have bought for them and tell them they can pick 1 thing every (day? other day? hour?! whatever works for you!) This way, if you’ve secretly eaten the snack that they had earmarked for Wednesday after school, you’re going to have to deal with that bitch fest. I warned you!

Remember YOU

I spoke last week about finding your motivation. Print out that picture (no excuses, you can print at the local library for 10-20p) and stick it on the cupboard door.

My Weekly Loss


Weightloss Without The Faff

Breakfast is a big part of our day, and we eat a lot! That being said, my daily porridge is the only thing I weigh & measure, because otherwise the tendency to eat way too much is just too easy!

There are a lot of carbs in the form of pasta and potatoes on my weekly menu, but there is a reason for that. I have established over the years that my body needs serious carbs in order to function. I am on my feet all day, using up a lot of energy running around after 2 young kids. When I restrict carbs, I basically become a vegetable!

Eating lots of carbs, as long as I've balanced it well with fruit and veg, has never stopped me from losing weight. in fact, during the 18 or so months when I lost nearly 3 stone I ate more carbs than ever. I just balanced it out with more of the better stuff.

Bear in mind that we are all different, you should go with how your body feels. If too many carbs leave you feeling bloated, reduce it a little. Also I am not a food and nutrition expert by any stretch of the imagination. These meal plans are simply what I eat day to day. I will always be honest about what I've eaten and what I've lost or gained. Even if I'm a bit ashamed of it!



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