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Buying wedding gifts these days is really bloody hard, isn’t it?! 20 years ago it was easy; something for the new house, something practical or pretty, or some cool new gadget. Fast forward to now and we’ve been living together for years before we get married, so most of that stuff we already have pretty well covered. Being a lover of all things quirky and original, I was intrigued when UncommonGoods suggested I check out their selection for my sister-in-law’s upcoming wedding.

It’s become a bit of a trend to send out one of those sweet poems that (read between the lines) says;

Unique Wedding Gifts They'll Love

Those poems are amazing – they instantly relieve all the pressure of having to think of and find the perfect gift. The problem comes when you receive one of these poems alongside an invite, but in your heart of hearts you know you still have to find a gift. Despite what the cute poem printed on recycled brown card, backed with hessian, and tied up in a scroll with twine might suggest, this is family, and the rules for family are different. Don’t ask me why, they just are. Now not only do I have to stuff an envelope with holiday beer money, I also have to find the absolutely perfect and unique gift.

Mr C’s sister is getting married next month, and while they sent out a cute poem all those months ago with the invite, we still want to find the perfect gift for her and hubby-to-be. A quick scout through the UncommonGoods website was pretty much all I needed to be hooked! I was really impressed to see that they are all about sustainability and having a positive impact, both inside the workplace and outside. I actually spent quite a while reading and thinking about their mission statement, and I have to admit it kind of made me want to work for them! You can read it yourself here.

Unique Wedding Gifts

I was so impressed by the selection at UncommonGoods; lots of websites at the moment are offering unique and unusual gifts, but when you start looking around all you find are the same old novelty ties and monogrammed pint glasses. This was different, though, and I really enjoyed looking through the site. I even started to get ahead of myself and checked out their anniversary gifts ready for this time next year! If you’re looking for the perfect anniversary gift, I highly recommend having a look here.

Naturally I got distracted planning my own fictional wedding, and totally chose all the fictional presents for the thousand bridesmaids I’d have, along with a fictional hen party wish list. Just don’t tell Mr C!

This post was written in collaboration with UncommonGoods. As always, absolutely all opinions are entirely my own!

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