Valentine’s Crafts with Kids

This week, Amelia and I have been getting messy with Valentine’s themed crafts. I’m usually pretty anti-Valentine’s to be honest, I can’t stand the hype and I hate all that cutesy, cringe-worthy crap (much to Mr C’s dislike! Sorry babe, it’s not you, it’s me…)


But I figured I should embrace it this year, mainly because I thought it’d be a good crafting opportunity for me and Amelia! Anyone who knows me will know that I have a bit of a not-so-secret love affair with pound shops, so everything that we used came from Poundland. I have to say, they have a great spread for Valentine’s, both for kids crafting opportunities and adults. With that in mind, I have even made Mr C a little something!

Love Tree

I traced around my hands and stuck them to a strip of paper, and then Amelia stuck heart shaped ‘leaves’ onto the ‘branches. When we were done, I taped the bottom strip together to form a stand for the tree so it stands up.

Love Canvas

This is so simple, and so effective! I stuck masking tape to the canvas to form the letters and then let Amelia go wild with paints and Valentine’s themed glitter and confetti. She stuck the confetti directly onto the wet paint which acted as a glue once the paint dried. Then I peeled off the masking tape to reveal the letters – the paint bled a little bit on the edges of each letter, but I actually think it looks quite cool.

Love bird

Another really simple one – I simply cut a paper plate into a bird shape and Amelia glued heart shapes in different colours onto it to create a wing and feathers. I cut the heart shapes from a load of old paper we had in the craft box, and I did trim the edges up a little bit once it was dry so that the bird shape was more discernible.

Heart Wreath

I do love a paper plate! I cut the middle out of the plate and left Amelia with the glue stick and hearts, and she created a beauty!

Love Circle

Yep, paper plates and free reign with paints again! I don’t even think this one needs an explanation!

We finished off by displaying all of our final pieces on our art wall as we usually do.

Amelia also made a card for Daddy while I made this cute frame (yep, all Poundland, except the key fobs and wooden letters which are from The Works.)

The frame is probably my favourite thing, and I think is a fine example of what can be achieved with a little imagination from what could be considered a bunch of pound shop shit! Yes, the frame itself is plastic but a) Valentine’ss for me isn’t about spending a fortune and b) once on the wall no one will really notice!

I took the glass out of the frame, inserted a cool paper from a paper stack I bought and put the glass behind that followed by the back of the frame. so that I had a hard surface for the paper to sit on but I could stick directly to the paper.

I sandwiched a cool piece of newspaper printed card stock in between two of the wooden frames (they came in a pack of six and I have plans to make little key-ring photos of the kids with the ones I have left) and the “fall in love” wording came from a pack of stickers.

The metallic heart shapes are from a big bag of Valentine’s confetti, and for the bunting I just cut triangles from card stock. I finished it off with the wooden letters from the works, and hey presto, Valentine’s gift! Honestly, if I’d have planned it better I would have used a cool photo of us together as the backing, but it’s cool either way!

You don’t have to get crafty!

If you’re not really feeling getting crafty, or you don’t have the time or inclination, there is a wicked choice of ready made stuff at Poundland, some cheesier than others, but let’s face it, isn’t that what Valentine’s is about?! They even have cards in special cardboard gift boxes (you know the ones that big card shops charge anything up to £10 each for!)

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? I’d love to hear your views on it, so feel free to leave a comment below!






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