The Weightloss Edit: Couch to 5K

Welcome back to The Weightloss Edit. A few weeks ago, I made a deal with myself that I was going to get back to where I know I am comfortable and healthy, which is going to involve dropping a few (lots) of pounds. I know that my tendency to be easily distracted is high when it comes to eating well. I hoped that by sharing my weekly meal plan and results I might stay more motivated and in turn maybe help to motivate others too.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. If you’ve missed any of the meal plans you can grab them here;
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

Insta #runwanker?

If you saw my Insta story at all this week, you might have noticed that I’ve been getting up early and going for a run. Those of you  who know me quite well (hi Mum!) will know that dragging my arse out of bed at 6am to go for a run in the freezing-bloody-cold is hardly my idea of fun.

In fact, I have to put my phone out of arm’s reach so that when the alarm goes off I have to get up. It’s not that I don’t want to exercise, I really do! I just don’t want to get out of bed.

Find Your Motivation

I talked a couple of weeks back about finding what motivates you, and finding a way to be accountable for your health and weight. The same goes for exercise. There are a select few who love keeping fit, adore exercise, and think going to the gym is fun. I am not one of them. I have to create ways to make myself drag my arse, wobbly bits and all, out of my warm cosy bed in the morning (including the phone alarm trick above. You’re welcome.)

The most ridiculous thing about it is (and you can take this from a lifetime exercise dodger) that once the run is over it feels amazing. The whole morning runs smoother, you feel more awake and alert. I mean, this week I had a cup of coffee and read the paper (that I was able to buy on my way home from my run, obvs!) before the kids got up. I mean, that’s like some alternate reality shizzle right there, and that really should be enough to persuade you.

Couch to 5K

Anyway, so I downloaded a Couch to 5k app to keep myself on track. The last time I ran was before I found out I was expecting Wills, and even then it was half-hearted jogging. I fully expected to feel like I was going to collapse in the first 5 minutes, but (and maybe it was just the cold) I didn’t really start to feel it until just over half way through (and half way home, which is what i kept telling myself!)

The app eases you in really nicely, and for any beginner I would say is the perfect place to start.

Yes You Can!

I can’t run. I’ve said it my whole life. I can’t exercise, I like literally die. Said that too. Turns out I can, and yes, you can too! Let me know if you decide to join me in the mornings, I’d love to hear how you get on.

Here’s some experts on why Couch to 5k is such a good idea for your health.

My Weekly Loss

The Weightloss Edit

Weightloss Without The Faff

Breakfast is a big part of our day, and we eat a lot! That being said, my daily porridge is the only thing I weigh & measure, because otherwise the tendency to eat way too much is just too easy!

There are a lot of carbs in the form of pasta and potatoes on my weekly menu, but there is a reason for that. I have established over the years that my body needs serious carbs in order to function. I am on my feet all day, using up a lot of energy running around after 2 young kids. When I restrict carbs, I basically become a vegetable!

Eating lots of carbs, as long as I've balanced it well with fruit and veg, has never stopped me from losing weight. in fact, during the 18 or so months when I lost nearly 3 stone I ate more carbs than ever. I just balanced it out with more of the better stuff.

Bear in mind that we are all different, you should go with how your body feels. If too many carbs leave you feeling bloated, reduce it a little. Also I am not a food and nutrition expert by any stretch of the imagination. These meal plans are simply what I eat day to day. I will always be honest about what I've eaten and what I've lost or gained. Even if I'm a bit ashamed of it!


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