The Weightloss Edit: How to be Accountable

Welcome back to The Weightloss Edit. A few weeks ago, I made a deal with myself that I was going to get back to where I know I am comfortable and healthy, which is going to involve dropping a few (lots) of pounds. I know that my tendency to be easily distracted is high when it comes to eating well. I hoped that by sharing my weekly meal plan and results I might stay more motivated and in turn maybe help to motivate others too.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. If you’ve missed any of the meal plans you can grab them here;
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4


I talked a couple of weeks ago about finding your motivation. Sometimes, though, even with all the best intentions it’s just not enough. If you’re a serial self sabotager (like me) then you’ll know that it can be very easy to give in (or ignore, depends what it’s saying today!) the voice inside you. You can take down the inspirational picture from the treat cupboard door and hide the fucker where it’ll never see the light of day again, and you can easily convince yourself it’s just a treat/bad day/one-off…

What do You Want More?

I’ve heard all sorts of solutions to self-sabotage, one of which being to ask yourself what you want more; an entire packet of chocolate digestives, or the healthy and fit body you’ve been dreaming of? Entire multi-pack of doughnuts or self-conscious-free bikini? Share bag of crisps or to wear that elusive clothes size you’ve never worn in your adult life?

This is an amazing idea, and sometimes it works for me. Sometimes, though, I’m a sneaky cow and I don’t bother asking myself because I know I won’t like the answer. And there’s where the plan falls to shit fails.


So to all the self-sabotagers out there like me – find a way to be accountable to someone other than yourself. Ideally you want this person to be someone you trust, who can put up with you when you’re at your hangriest and not take anything you might say too personally. I would suggest you don’t choose your partner or someone you haven’t known very long. If you’re a member of a group like Slimming World, your consultant or someone you see at group and get on with is a great choice.

I made a point of not choosing Mr C, because his involvement is only likely to end up in a row and me telling him to “fuck off!” But a weekly (or daily) text or call from a friend to see how you’re doing can be a fab way of stopping yourself from hitting the cupboard! The better you know the person, the more you can tell them you want them to be brutal with you.

“How’s your day so far chick? x”

“I had 4 doughnuts for lunch, but that’s ok isn’t it? I’ve only had 2 doughnuts in total so far this week, so I can totally allow myself a treat lunch! I mean, I might as well have a treat day, really, and Domino’s have sent me a voucher code so it’d be rude not to…”

“No, Aleena, that’s not fucking ok. It’s Wednesday, so what you’re saying is you’ve had 6 fucking doughnuts in 3 days. A doughnut is fine, but an average of 2 a day is why you asked me to do this. I let you off on Monday and Tuesday, but now you’re taking the piss. Stop eating doughnuts you twat, or you’ll end up looking like one. P.s I love you, even if you do vaguely a resemble a doughnut some days. Throw away that shirt. xx”

My Weekly Loss

Weightloss Edit. I have a confession to make. My name is Aleena and I'm a secret eater. I'm not surprised by this weeks maintain, when I think back over the week the little sneaked bits here and there actually add up to quite a lot of crap food. I know myself well, and have always known that this is where my issue has always been when it comes to my weight.

Weightloss Without The Faff

Breakfast is a big part of our day, and we eat a lot! That being said, my daily porridge is the only thing I weigh & measure, because otherwise the tendency to eat way too much is just too easy!

There are a lot of carbs in the form of pasta and potatoes on my weekly menu, but there is a reason for that. I have established over the years that my body needs serious carbs in order to function. I am on my feet all day, using up a lot of energy running around after 2 young kids. When I restrict carbs, I basically become a vegetable!

Eating lots of carbs, as long as I've balanced it well with fruit and veg, has never stopped me from losing weight. in fact, during the 18 or so months when I lost nearly 3 stone I ate more carbs than ever. I just balanced it out with more of the better stuff.

Bear in mind that we are all different, you should go with how your body feels. If too many carbs leave you feeling bloated, reduce it a little. Also I am not a food and nutrition expert by any stretch of the imagination. These meal plans are simply what I eat day to day. I will always be honest about what I've eaten and what I've lost or gained. Even if I'm a bit ashamed of it!


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