Taking A Break: Listen To Your Body

You might have noticed that things over here have been a little quieter than usual for the last few weeks. Or you might not have noticed at all! What feels quiet to me probably isn’t all that quiet at all! There has been a fair amount going on in our house for the last month, with the absolute biggest thing being our upcoming move to (literally) greener pastures (this Saturday!) It has occurred to me that I probably should have considered taking a break from blogging altogether until we were moved and settled.


I’m the kind of person who likes to work with a clear structure, expectations, and schedules. So for me, the thought of messing with my blog posting schedule makes me feel a bit itchy! I had the best intentions of scheduling a bunch of posts in advance to see me over the moving period, but in reality life has kind of got in the way of that.


What I have felt, though, is a sort of sense of failure in other aspects of what I do. My Instagram page has been sorely neglected over the last few weeks, and my already poor Twitter feed has been equally as neglected. I just haven’t had the time to give to it as much as I usually do.


Looking After Yourself Take A Break

There’s been the usual 3 days work each week, topped with an impending 1st birthday to think about. Wills is dairy intolerant, so I decided to make his cake myself (more to come on that soon), and that ended up getting done the night before his bash! Then of course there’s been a house to pack up, which unfortunately when there’s kids at home pretty much means spending every second that they sleep trying to silently throw toys away chuck things in boxes.


True to ‘sod’s law’, this has all culminated in me catching every virus and bug going. As someone who is rarely unwell (I mean literally once a year, if that) it’s been a tough pill to swallow… pun intended, sorry! Over the last 3 weeks I have had;


  • an ear infection
  • a throat infection
  • a cold
  • a 24-hour-bug
  • countless headaches
  • strange abdominal pain

So I think I’m finally starting to get the message that my body is clearly screaming at me! It’s time to take a break.


Except I Can’t…

With just 3 days to go until we actually move, if anything we probably need to ramp it up a bit rather than slow down! Thankfully my last working day is today, and with the kids at home tomorrow and Friday there won’t be much opportunity to do a lot in the house. Mr C has Friday off work, so we plan on spending a nice day together as a family. Friday night, however, the kids are off to GG’s and it’s all hands on deck getting the last bits done. The van arrives at 7am Saturday, then it’s getting it packed and heading off on the 3-hour drive. Then of course when we get there it’s battle stations to at least get the kids’ room ready in time for some kind of sensible bedtime!


Look After Yourself Take A Break

And Breathe!

As for the blog… I just can’t bring myself to mess with the schedule – the schedule is law! But I will be giving myself a social media break between now and getting settled. If I’m honest, this is my happy place. It’s where I come to empty my ever-racing brain of everything that’s been swimming around in it, and in truth I always feel better once it’s all out.


So, as per usual, I’ll be back on Friday, hopefully with something a bit more interesting than my ramblings about being under the weather and overloaded with jobs to do!


Sending stress-free vibes all round!

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