• Mama Blogger: How To Keep Up With Your Blog Schedule

    Keeping up with a blogging schedule is a hard enough task as it is, without adding kids into the mix. Any parenting blogger will know that finding the time to keep up with your blogging schedule around the kids is an art form. You always run the risk that you’ll end up spending all your evenings working rather than relaxing, and let’s face it; that’s no one’s idea of fun.

  • Create A Blog Schedule

    Creating A Blog Schedule: Finding My Lost Blog MoJo!

    A couple of weekends ago we took the kids to visit their Grandad at his caravan in Hastings. I hadn’t really planned on taking a break from the blog for the weekend, and in fact I had every intention of keeping up with my usual blog schedule while we were away. This might sound crazy, but in reality my blog schedule isn’t overly huge at the weekends anyway. I only post on weekdays, and usually keep the weekends free for family time.