Summer Kids Crafts: Simple Ice Lollies

I try to do a seasonal display with Amelia once every couple of months. We had Valentines, and more recently we had some spring hand and footprint carrots and flowers up. What with all this hot weather – that is so hot for parts of the day we have been stuck indoors with the curtains shut – I thought what better time to crack out the craft box and get making!


Summer Kids Crafts Ice Lollies

For those of you who are aware of my love/hate relationship with glitter, you will probably be surprised to hear that I actually planned on getting all the glitters out today! I had a plan though, which was basically to take all our crafting outside after the kids nap. Turned it was waaaaay too hot for that shit (poor Wills would’ve roasted) so we stayed inside and I hid the glitter!


I’m the first to admit that our crafts have become distinctly less elaborate since Wills joined the family. It’s just not always ever possible to spend ages putting stuff together, and these days I’m all about simplicity!

Summer Kids Crafts Ice Lollies

So here is what you will need to create your very own summer ice lolly display!

  • Coloured paper or card
  • Lolly sticks
  • Tape
  • Coloured tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Colourful tapes/Washi tape
  • Any other random decorations/stickers!

The beauty of these is that you can use absolutely anything that you have lying around in your craft box or drawer, or that catches your eye in the shops!

Amelia could have stuck the lolly sticks to the lolly shapes herself, but I decided to do the boring bit for her and pre-make them. This way she was able to get stuck right in with the fun part – the decorating!

I cut off pieces of tape for her to use and stuck them to the edge of the table. I also gave her some pieces of tissue paper that were already cut up into random shapes. I try to keep odd bits like this in a little bag in our craft box so that they are always there whenever the need arises. I also showed her how to scrunch pieces up to kind of look like sprinkles.

Summer Kids Crafts Ice Lollies

The opportunities are endless with this, and I could have gone so far with it; think beads, glitter (eurgh), feathers, sticky gems! Honestly? I was cooking dinner and needed her to be occupied for about 20 minutes, so the necessity wasn’t really there for anything more elaborate! But seeing how much she enjoyed it, I may well revisit this craft before the summer is over and let her go wild!

I’d love to see your versions of these, and any other summer crafts you make with your kids! Comment with the link to any pins or posts, I’m always after fresh ideas to steal use! 😉

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