Spanish Army Omelette: Let’s Get Cooking!

So named because this is sort of a Spanish omelette (it has potato in it so that totally counts) and it will feed an army if you need it to. Cook as one big omelette for a quick an easy meal, or spray a muffin tin to make individual omelette muffins which are ideal for lunches. Totally freeze-able, simply grab a portion out of the freezer and chuck in the fridge until defrosted, eat cold or warm through in the microwave.

This is my go-to meal for days when I can’t be arsed to cook properly or the fridge is bare!

Serves 4-6

£3.11 for the whole meal
78p per person*


*this will depend on how many people you feed and their appetites! I usually get between 4-8 adult portions out of this recipe, depending on whether we have the omelette as a meal in itself or add a side like wedges, rice, or veg.


  • 10 eggs, beaten
  • 2 courgettes, diced
  • 2 carrots, diced
  • 4-6 medium potatoes, diced (I leave the skins on because I’m lazy and they taste great)
  • 1 tsp mixed herbs or smoked paprika (depending on preference)
  • 1 pack bacon medallions, diced (I love the flavour of smoked bacon in this recipe)
  • 1 pack of Pasta ‘n’ Sauce or Instant rice such as Bachelors Super Rice
  • Basically anything else you want to add! In the past I have used leftover sausages, leftover roast chicken, basically any old leftovers!


Boil a pan of water and add the carrots and potatoes. Put the courgettes in a frying pan and sweat on a low heat while the carrots and potatoes are cooking. (N.B. I don’t cook with any oil, but use an oil spray instead. This is just my preference so either is fine).

While the veg is cooking, cook the pasta or rice in the microwave according to the pack instructions (N.B. I NEVER use the milk which is suggested in the Pasta ‘N’ Sauce instructions but substitute it for water instead. For example, if it says use 280ml of water and 120ml of milk I simply use 400ml water. The sauce is just as creamy and less fatty).

When the carrots and potatoes are nearly ready, add the bacon to the frying pan and turn the heat up a little. When the bacon is cooked through, drain the potatoes and carrots and add to the frying pan, turning the heat back down to low.

Add the cooked pasta or rice and stir all of the ingredients together so that they are equally dispersed. Pour over the beaten egg and sprinkle over the herbs or paprika and leave to cook. While the omelette is cooking, pre-heat the grill to medium. When the omelette is cooked around the edges but still raw looking in the middle, put the whole pan under the grill until the top of the omelette is nicely browned.


Slide a palette knife around the edge of the omelette to release it from the pan, slice into 8 triangles and lift each triangle carefully out of the pan.

At this point you can serve all of the omelette, or put into portion tubs and refrigerate for later or the next day, or even freeze for another time.

I tend to catch all the little bits that fall off while I’m transferring the omelette to plates and serve those to my toddler as a great lunch, or add sides such as wedges for a dinner.

(If you plan on making omelette muffins, instead of adding the potatoes and carrots to the frying pan, take them off the heat, drain the water, add the bacon and courgette to the pan, add all the other cooked ingredients, stir in the 10 beaten eggs stirring well to evenly disperse the ingredients, then spoon into an oiled muffin tin and bake at 200c for around 20 minutes)

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