Recipes & Food

There’s one thing everyone knows about me – I am always hungry! I grew up in a big family, and I just can’t remember a time when we weren’t all eating something! Seriously though, that’s how I ended up weighing 15 stone in my mid-twenties -eek!

Most (probably all to be honest) of the recipes on this page will be Slimming World friendly (15 stone, remember!) but please do check syn values yourself, and bear in mind when I use things like breadcrumbs and cheese that these will be taken from my daily Healthy Extra allowances.

I will also post some great weaning recipes that I have used for Wills and Amelia. Obviously I am not a nutritionist or medically trained in any way, and what I choose to feed my children (and from what ages) is entirely based on my own knowledge, experiences with my own kids, and is my own personal choice. There will be recipes that I post that might not entirely fit in with the guidelines in terms of weaning, so feel free to ignore those. Obviously, I do not give my children anything which may cause them harm, but I also feel very strongly that our whole lives are perpetuated by guidelines which ultimately just put the fear of God into us and stop us from using what Mother Nature gave us; our instinct.

The cost of the meals that I post are obviously based on the price of the ingredients at the time I wrote the post, and in the Supermarket that I shop in (Lidl & Aldi).

Anyway, happy eating!