What's Your Housework Superhero Name

Quiz: What’s Your Housework Superhero Name?

At the risk of going all Stepford on you (which you should by now that I am not), I want to talk about an inevitable part of life that most of us hate but literally NEVER goes away. You guessed it non-Stepford friends; the dreaded housework!

When it comes to the H word, I’ve sat on every side of the fence. At 16 living in a place for the first time on my own, I didn’t really have that much in the way of space or possessions that could require too much in the way of housework. Later, as a student, I regularly bought new crockery and clothes to avoid washing the ones I already had. Fast forward to 2016 and there I was with a toddler and a new-born, literally tearing my hair out over unwashed clothes, un-mopped floors, and streaky bathroom mirrors. I’d like to think that 2017 Aleena has found a happy medium.

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Whether you’re “Spotless Supermum” or “Somewhat Sporadic Spruce-Up Mum” you’ll know that there are some jobs that just can’t be avoided. At least not forever. And the ones that we do put off, or can just never find the time to get around to, always seem to be the ones that get 100x worse with time. Think cleaning the oven, the ironing pile (if anyone actually still irons, that is), and the toilet. Urgh.

If you’ve ever had to live with kids, you’ll know that jobs like these are the bane of your life! They always need doing (with the exception of ironing. No one needs to waste their life ironing) but there never seems to be enough time to do them. I’ve never seen a toilet get more rank than since living with 2 tiny people. And to make things worse, we have 3 toilets to clean. Yes, three. And no matter how much I try to tell Amelia that one toilet is hers, she insists on using all 3. Sometimes she will even leave the living room on the ground floor and travel all the way up to third floor just to use ours.

I decided a long time ago that cleaning and tidying just shouldn’t be top of my list, and I didn’t want it to be anymore. I did, however, want a fairly clean and tidy home that feels relaxing when the kids go to bed. So I devised a plan that would help me keep on top of all the essential jobs around the house without making it feel like I was wasting all my precious time cleaning. Being with the kids is way more fun (most of the time!) and way more important

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My plan breaks all the essential tasks down into manageable bits. The plan makes sure I never have to spend an entire day playing catch-up, and keeps plenty of time free for all the fun stuff I’d rather be doing with the kids!

So forget Stepford-mum, take my quiz to find out if you’re “Incessantly Spotless Supermum“, “Salubrious Super-System Mum“, or “Somewhat Sporadic Spruce-Up Mum“. After the quiz you’ll be able to grab my plan and put it to good use yourself, hopefully freeing up tons of extra play time!

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If quizzes aren’t really your thing, feel free to jump straight to the plan here!


Grab Your Housework Superhero Plan!

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