7 Days to Ultimate Blog Organisation Planner & Workbook (Printable)


Welcome to 7 Days to Ultimate Blog Organisation. The 7 day planner is designed to get you and your blog organised to perfection so that you can focus on what’s important; growing your blog and ultimately making it your full time biz (and making money).


For 7 days the workbook helps you to focus on organisation only. Forget everything else for just 7 days, and within a week you’ll be set up for success.


The workbook helps you to focus on only one thing each day. The most successful people know that multitasking is the enemy. Monotasking ensures that every job gets done to the highest standard, without distraction. While you’re working through each task, I suggest switching off all PC notifications and turning your phone to airplane mode.


If you’re ready, let’s get blog organized!



The 7 Days to Blog Organisation Planner & Workbook has been specifically designed to help you set concrete productivity goals for your blog from day 1.


The blog organisation planner & workbook will help you to narrow down exactly what it is you need to be doing to move forwards, and will help you achieve it.


With detailed information for how to set up all the productivity tools you’ll need, once you’ve completed the 7 day workbook, you’ll be ready to take your blog to the next level.


Learn how to treat your blog like  a business so that it can BECOME a business.


7 Days to Ultimate Blog Organisation

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