I’m Aleena, aka ‘the blog VA’, or more commonly in my house “MUMMYMAMAMUM” (yes, all one word. Yes always in shouty caps).

Thanks for popping by! Take a seat and I’ll fill you in… Here, have a cuppa.

I help bloggers with their blog and tech headaches, so that they can focus on creating the content they love and building a biz for life.

When I’m not hiding in the kitchen with coffee, that is 😉

Bear with me, I’ve just popped in for a refill, but just as soon as I’m coffee’d up, you’ll have my full face attention!

If I’m dealing with blog and tech headaches, why the hell is the site called Mummy Mama Mum?! Well, as you already know that’s what they call me at home. Constantly. On repeat.

And I’m pretty sure you guys are in a similar boat, right?! You’re doing everything you can to blog like a ninja, create a life you love and one that works for the fam. And all the while, some kid (they say I birthed them, but I ain’t so sure 😉 ) is yelling your name and demanding a biscuit.

Well that’s what I’m here for. I totally get it. I know how it feels to be totally snowed under and feel like you’re never getting anywhere with your blog. And then just when you think you’re cracking it, someone tells you your Google Analytics code is randomly appearing as raw text all over your site. Pfft…

Right, got my coffee, I’m with you full face and everything! Don’t mind that shocked expression, that’s just my face after a full morning on a non-nursery day (someone said ‘yeah, have 2, it’ll be great…’ A*****e.)

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, Google Analytics and the wonderful joy that is spending an entire evening trying to work out where that stupid <head> tag is and how the heck I add a stupid code to it…

I’m gonna let you in on a not very well kept secret…

I love doing those niggly techy things! When I’m having a full blown meltdown day (cos we all have them), my safe place is hiding in my office playing with the CSS and HTML coding of my website.

I know, I know… But quite frankly I’ve never been the ‘cool’ one, so why break the habit of a lifetime?!


We’ve been invaded!

As usual, the peace didn’t last for long, did it?!

But no worries, my cup ain’t empty, and while the coffee’s still hot I’ve no plans to end our chat! Just ignore the small person… There’s another one somewhere, but he’s probably off bashing something in the garden with a stick, so…

Where were we? Oh, that’s right; I’m not cool. Old news, let’s move on!

Sometimes this blogging malarkey starts lobbing curve balls that we just don’t have enough hands to catch and juggle (like that stupid code). Sometimes, an extra pair of hands (or army of them) is just what the blog doctor ordered!

Well I’m your extra pair of hands. Maybe not literally (although I can be) but virtually. I’m here with the solutions, the headache solvers, and the magic wand that zaps away the curve balls flying towards your face.

Enough with the melodrama. Real talk; I give epic advice, and I know the tech stuff too 😉 What more could you ask?!

Here’s the thing.

It ain’t always pretty. Motherhood, kids, blogging, life. Am I right?!

How’s that cuppa, do you need another? I’m almost empty…

It doesn’t always have to be pretty, though. Sometimes, it just needs to get done. And that, sista, is what I do best. When the proverbial hits the fan, I’m on hand to make sure that whatever you need doing just gets done.

Whether it’s making some kinda code work, getting your site looking the way you’ve always dreamed, or giving you a kick up the backside when productivity and drive are through the floor.

Listen, we’re mates, so I wanna be real with you. Stop thinking you can’t do this! Stop that right now, it ain’t helping nobody. You’re in biz, babe. You’re juggling all the balls, making it happen, and rocking this solopreneur life.

If some balls get dropped, I’ll be right there with you getting them picked back up, and helping you move forwards.

Did I mention I’m good with tech 😉

Oh, I almost forgot – just one last thing before I go…

Everything I know is pretty much self taught. I mean, the biz and mindset stuff comes from my background running IRL businesses, and the writing stuff is courtesy of a bloomin’ expensive degree (where is that bit of paper…..?), but the tech stuff? The blogging stuff? The smashing the s*** out of life as a mama and blogger? That’s all been done on the job, mate.

What I will say is this; over the years I’ve been lucky enough to find myself a pretty epic tribe of women in the blog biz world. They know just the right thing to say on the meltdown days, and totally get the elation of a special retweet.

They get me. And I get you.

So when you’re on your own, wrapped in a blanket at 1am in your spare room hustling on your PC, remember this; you’re not truly alone when you’ve got a blog mate behind you.

So if you’ve got a minute before the school run, lemme show you around the rest of the ‘house’, and let’s see if we can find anything that will help you out…



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