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Nurturing Interests When Is It Too Soon

Is it totally ridiculous that at the tender age of 10 months he already owns a guitar (which he sits and carefully plucks each string one by one), trumpet, drum, maracas, recorder, and a thousand other noisy things? Is it totally ridiculous that while I’m writing this I keep getting distracted looking for a camera for my 3-year-old?
I don’t think so. I believe that our children can, and will, do whatever pleases them, and are truly capable of anything. So what if Amelia hates photography next year? She loves it now, so why shouldn’t she be given the opportunity to explore and enjoy it to her full potential. So what if Wills ends up tone deaf; the one things that makes him totally happy, bouncy and excited (aside from food) is music. So right now, isn’t it my job to do everything I can to facilitate his enjoyment?

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