Are You Ready for the Newest Linky in Town?! #ItsOk

Linkies, or blog link ups, are the perfect place to share your best posts. Link ups give you a brand new platform for your posts to be seen and shared by like minded bloggers.


If you’ve ever had one of those days, you know the ones when you wish someone would tell you ‘it’s ok’, then you don’t want to miss the newest blog link up starting next Tuesday 3rd April.


#ItsOk is the brainchild of Jennie from Rice Cakes and Raisins, and it all started with her #itsok challenge which was designed to help mums cut themselves a bit of slack – something we could all do with every now and then!



The Linky


With the help of Nicole at Tales From Mamaville, Riz from Rizology, and yours truly (that’s meeeee!) the four of us have pooled together to create the #ItsOk linky.


#ItsOk will be for all your posts sharing times when you might have needed a little reminder that you’re doing just fine. Or the posts reminding others that they’re doing just fine. It could be an open letter, a helpful tips post, or even just a post about a bad day you’ve had! Really, anything goes mamas.


The one thing you need to know about #ItsOk is that you’ll never find any judgement here. The linky is the place you know you can turn up in the PJ’s you’ve been wearing for 2 days, mum bun half falling out, and panda eyes front and centre. We’ve all been there, and we all get it.


The #ItsOk linky is a place for championing perfectly imperfect parenting. It’s a place to remind yourself that you’re doing great, and that a bad day is just that – a day.


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How Do Blog Link Ups Work?


Blog links ups, or linkies, are pretty simple really. Each one has it’s own set of rules, usually focused around sharing and commenting on others’ blog posts. You add your own post via URL link to the link up, and then you share the love on other posts.


The rules of the linky have been designed to ensure that everyone who adds a link should see new visitors to their blog, along with new comments.


The four of us will be taking it turns to host the linky, but we’ll always make sure to direct you to right place if you forget whose week it is 😉 There’s already enough to remember, right?!



So How do I Get Involved?


Simples. Pop back at 7am next week and I’ll guide you in the right direction.


Failing that, you can use this handy week guide to make sure you end up in the right place each week. We’ll be hosting in this order on a four week rotation.


Week 1: Jennie

Week 2: Nicole

Week 3: ME!

Week 4: Riz

See you soon!


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