New Home Wish List: MummyMamaMum Is Moving!

The move is now only 4 weeks away, so naturally my thoughts have turned to STUFF! As in stuff that I can buy. Legit. Without getting told off by Mr C! Except maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Because let’s face it, moving is already a pretty expensive deal, and we are on a fairly tight budget these days. Add to that the fact that we need quite a lot of stuff, and seriously I could end up spending a small fortune. I knew I was going to need to shop about, but Love The Sales has basically done all of the leg work for me!

Instead of having to trawl around the internet to find the best deals on the things we need, Love The Sales has thousands of retailers sale items all listed in one place. I’m gonna level with you; I was sceptical at first, as I am about most things. But once I got onto the site, I literally was glued to it for hours! I mean, this website is like an Aladdin’s cave of everything you could ever want, or didn’t even know you wanted… Can you tell I’ve got a problem?!


New Home Wish List Moving


On a serious note, I was starting to get a little bit concerned as to how we were going to afford all of the big items we need. We need a new sofa as our current one is knackered, and we also need a new dining table because the one we’ve got is quite literally falling apart. Sitting down to eat at the moment is like dicing with death! On top of that, we’re going to have an actual garden for the first time as a family, so there’ll be bits to get for that too (all Mr C can think about is a huge barbecue *sigh*).

New Home Wish List Moving

I’ve managed to come up with a wish list from just this one place, which basically covers all the bases, plus enough leftover for a little treat for me. It’ll be me doing all the organising, packing, and unpacking, so I’m fairly certain I’m going to deserve it!

I think I’ll be more likely to be allowed to buy a table in the price range of this one from Oak Furniture Superstore than the one from FurnitureToday, but I had to feature it on my list because it is simply beautiful! I was really impressed by the price of the this sofa too, and had never really considered somewhere like Very for big items of furniture! The more I look at it, I really do prefer the cream to the brown, even though I know it’d need wiping more often! We’ll definitely be going with wipe-able leather while the kids are small, though.

I absolutely adore the Winnie The Pooh print from John Lewis, and Amelia has always had traditional Winnie The Pooh themed things in her bedroom. But more than anything, I’m totally in love with the bedding set from The White Company. It is embroidered with a really beautiful fairy tale inspired design, and I know Amelia would love it.

New Home Wish List Moving

I think I actually managed to stay quite sensible with my treat wish list! There was literally so much I could have chosen, but I always feel ridiculously frivolous picking out things for myself. With the exception of the simply beautiful Ted Baker dress, everything else I have chosen is both cool (imho, obvs!) and practical.

Given that we are moving to the countryside, and I plan on spending a crazy amount of time at my sisters farm, it’s only sensible that I get a couple of pairs of decent boots. I just wouldn’t feel right without a ‘proper’ pair of wellies, and I’ll admit I’ve always had a thing for Barbour. And that coat! I’ve been lusting after a yellow rain coat for quite a while now, and this quite literally jumped into my virtual shopping basket (ssshhhh!)


I’m not really the excitable type, but I have to admit that I’m so excited I now know about this website. As much as I like to find a good deal when we make big purchases, I’m a bit of a lazy shopper. If I can’t find a price I’m happy with in a fairly short space of time, I tend to just give up. This site has pretty much eliminated that issue for me entirely! And it’s one more thing I can scratch off the ‘Things I’m Stressed About’ list! We’re almost at zero home move stress now… if only there wasn’t all that packing to do. *sigh*

9 thoughts on “New Home Wish List: MummyMamaMum Is Moving!

  1. Well that’s my afternoon sorted then…! We are currently doing up the whole of our upstairs, and need new furniture and accessories for al of the rooms, and I absolutely LOVE perusing the internet for beautiful things (that I usually can’t afford,) but like you, I have a genuine excuse now, as we actually need stuff! Loving that Ted Baker dress, so beautiful!
    Good luck with the move-we have just had a garden overhaul, and the first thing my husband was looking at were giant BBQs too *sigh*!!

    1. Men and fire! It’s like a Neanderthal thing! And that’s a perfectly valid excuse, especially on this site – get spending haha! Then just blame it all on me, I’ll take one for the team hahaha!!

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