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Holly has given up on the idea of the perfect Mum (with a little bit of help from yours truly). She’s not the polished Insta-mum she hoped she might be, but she also knows that’s okay. She is the best Mum for her kids, even if that sometimes means taking time away from them to be herself. She still feels the niggles of Mum guilt prodding at her brain, but she’s get better at knowing when to flick it away. As she has relaxed into her mamahood groove, Holly has started to think a lot more about work. Her family don’t need more money desperately, but it would be nice. She desperately misses the feeling of spending her own money, and she knows that she was damn good at her job before she had her kids. She’s struggling to think of a way to get back into meaningful work that will engage her brain and also fit around childcare. She knows she won’t be happy in a job that doesn’t let her be creative and use her business skills, but she also doesn’t want to go back to the rat race and never seeing her kids. She racks her brain every day to work out what the middle ground is.

I’m helping her by showing her she can have the amazing lifestyle, even on a budget. I’m also helping her to develop an idea of how she can create her dream job through blogging.






Abigail is on maternity leave with her second child (the eyes on that boy, though!) and has just set up a blog. Unlike after having her first, she’s damn sure she’s not going back to work this time if she can help it. She has a kind of idea of her blog angle, but isn’t sure what she’ll actually do with it. She hasn’t told anyone yet, because she thinks people will perceive her as a bored Mum wasting her time with a pointless hobby, even though she knows she could monetize it and make it a worthwhile business one day. She’s willing to put in the time (although, believe me, she doesn’t yet fully grasp just how much time that will be) to make it work. She’s never started a website before, and has no technical knowledge, but she loves to learn and is eager to soak up all the information out there. Abigail isn’t a total technophobe, but running a website is very much new to her. She has no idea just how much the business knowledge she has from her previous career is going to serve her in blogging, and told me her biggest hurdle is going to be embracing social media more. Her absolute dream is to make enough money to be comfortable doing something she knows she already loves.

I’m helping her navigate the minefield of setting up her blog and getting it to run the way she wants so she can turn it into a successful business.





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