These Boots Were Made For Walking: Mum’s Day Off

On Saturday I took a much needed day off and took myself to Bath for the day. If I’m honest I’ve been feeling total parental burnout the last couple of weeks, so a day off was just what the doctor ordered.  I made a point of going without much of a plan. I haven’t been to Bath for years, so I wanted to explore a bit, have a browse round the shops, and generally just wander without kids in tow!

And wander I did! In fact, I wandered this much;

Mums Day Off Walking

Bath really is a beautiful city with so much to see and do. Being a Saturday I avoided the obvious tourist attractions and focussed on finding the little side streets, the cobbled alleys, and the forgotten gem type shops. But most of all, I focussed on nothing. I didn’t think about the kids, or what they were going to have for dinner. I made a point of getting home after bedtime, and I simply enjoyed being alone for the day.

It goes without saying that I love these nutters more than life itself, but sometimes a mama’s just gotta be… well, not a mama!

Mum's Day Of From This Nutter

Mums Day Off From This Nutter Too

Like most mums, I used to feel guilty having days like these, but I’ve learned just how important they are. I wrote earlier in the week about parental sensory overload, and for me taking a day off is the best way to get relief from that.

The best part of taking a day to myself is that I have come back with a renewed calm, drive and zest for the kids and parenting. You know what they say about absence and in my case it’s never been truer. I enjoyed my day alone immensely, but of course I missed the kids. Missing them is healthy, and always makes me appreciate them just that little bit more. They’re a pain in the arse sometimes, but they’re my pains in the arse!

6 thoughts on “These Boots Were Made For Walking: Mum’s Day Off

  1. The last time I had a day off like this was also in Bath two years ago with my best girlfriends for my friend’s hen do! If I ever get the chance to go out without the kids I am usually rushing back for bedtime or tea. This sort of day, on your own, sounds wonderful! #ablogginggoodtime

    1. Yeah I have to admit it was the lack of lock watching that made it such a relaxing day. When I got home, Amelia was actually still awake and came to the top of the steps, but surprisingly she just whispered “hello Mum I missed you. I wanted to say goodnight” and then blew me a kiss! Xx

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