Mother's Work. We all know that a mother's work is never done; we're living it, right?! But the thing is, it's a literal phrase. Never actually does mean never.

A Mother’s Work is Never Done: I’ll Always be There

We all know that a mother’s work is never done; we’re living it, right?! But the thing is, it’s a literal phrase. Never actually does mean never. As our children get older, their needs just become different, more complex somehow. Never was this more apparent to me than this weekend when my own mother came to visit.

It’s no secret that we moved a really long way in July, and there’s now a good 100 miles between me and my parents. We had a rocky start, me and my mum, and somehow that will always have an effect on me, even though I will swear blindly that it doesn’t. My childhood was not all roses and kiss-chase but then whose really was? I have not bitterness about my past, and quite frankly I probably wouldn’t change a thing about it; after all I am who I am because of where I’ve been.

This weekend, though, reminded me that there will always be some lasting relics pushed right to the back of my mind. Knowing that my mum isn’t just around the corner anymore has been harder than I expected. I mean, it’s not like we’ve never been separated before, so I didn’t think this would be any different. But preparing for her arrival on Saturday morning took me right back there and I was surprised at what I found.

But no job, prior commitment, or 100 mile drive will ever come before my kids. When my Grandad died my mum wanted to fly home from her holiday early. That's the mum I want to be, and I don't want my mother's work to ever be done.

I suppose most of us will always have a desire to please and impress our parents, and I’m no exception to the rule. When she text to say they’d been caught in traffic on the motorway my heart sank. I’d put a huge amount of extra effort into breakfast, and knew that there was no way they’d arrive in time to appreciate it. I also knew that the late arrival meant we were losing a precious hour. Saying goodbye to Nana has been extraordinarily tough for Amelia, and I wanted her to have as much time with Nana as possible, as well as myself.

Saying goodbye so soon, and knowing that we probably won’t see them again until close to Christmas was hard. It was hard for Amelia, and it was hard for me. I wasn’t done chatting, catching up, spending time together. But here’ the thing; I’m about as far from sentimental and emotional as it gets, so if I feel like this how do other people feel when they’re distanced like this?

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WEAR YOR HEART ON YOUR 🤚 . Nana and Grandad came to visit for the day today. Since we moved, Amelia has had to get used to seeing all her faves a little bit less. She asks regularly about Nana, Grandad, GG, Claire, Grandma & Grandad Gordon, and it’s tough for her saying goodbye knowing they’re not just around the corner when they leave. . So today, when we said goodbye to Nana, Amelia and nana got matching heart buttons in the palms of their hands. Whenever Amelia misses her Nana, she can press her button and know that Nana knows. . This kid, wonderful child that she is said to me just before she fell asleep “all my feels for Nana are in there, in my heart on my hand”. . The she pressed her heart button and cuddled herself and told me that Nana was cuddling her back ❤️😍😥👧🏼👵🏻💞

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This weekend not only made me realise that I need my mum more than I thought I did, it made me realise that I’m going to be needed for much longer than I thought I would be. It made me acutely aware that, before it’s even come up (I’m hoping I’ve got another 20 years at least!) I know that when they call my answer will be yes. Would I like to come and stay for the weekend? Yes. Can I take a break from work to be with them for a while? Yes. Will I take lunch early to answer their “emergency” call about an arsehole boyfriend or girlfriend. Of course I will.

The reality in this modern world is that when my kids fly the nest, be it to university or across the world for love, I will probably still have commitments of my own like work. Because, y’know, money coupled with being a workaholic! But no job, prior commitment, or 100 mile drive will ever come before my kids. When my Grandad died my mum wanted to fly home from her holiday early. That’s the mum I want to be, and I don’t want my mother’s work to ever be done.


  • Louise Pink Pear Bear

    It really brings it home to me how much I rely on my Mum when we are far apart. We’ve not always been the closest but the older we both get the more I seem to need her! I’m glad you had a nice visit even if it was too short. Thanks for linking up with the #bigpinklink this week.

  • Talya

    I had my daughter overseas in Asia and it was at that point I not only realised how much I needed my mum but also that I would always be needed so I can totally relate to your sentiments here hon thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub xoxo

  • Imperfect Mum

    As an EXPAT I have a very long distance relationship with my parents. I have also had a difficult relationship with my mum and it has taught me the importance of unconditional love! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

  • Sumra Hassan

    This is very true. I never needed my mom more than after I had my children, and I was surprised at how much support I take from her. She’s my friend now. Never was before. But I am so blessed that we live 40 minutes from her, and if i could I would visit her everyday. It’s funny because now she’s too busy for me sometimes, having lunch with her friends or catching a movie with them. Things that I used to do when I was a teen and ditching her lol. It’s a real eye-opener. #dreamteam

    • MummyMamaMum

      That seems to be what’s happened to us too! We’ve always had a rocky relationship but now we’re closer than ever and sometimes she is too busy for me! How very dare they haha!!xx

  • Kirsty - Winnettes

    Aw bless you, I went through this when my mum moved 300 miles away when my first baby was only 6 weeks old. It wasn’t a surprise but I had underestimated how much I relied on her not being too far away. I am really used to it now and the girls know no different.

  • Chloe

    Hi, I loved reading this post and it is true no matter what age you are you will always need your mum and they will always be there for you at 3 or 33. I dont think that a mothers work os ever done #bigpinklink

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