Mother’s Day: A Shout Out To Some Amazing Mamas!

Back in February I wrote about what I did (and didn’t) want for Mother’s Day. Those who saw the post will know that I had 5 things on my list, and that number 5 was to celebrate all mothers and motherhood, no matter what shape or form it takes (my Nan has always been a Mum to me).


Since I wrote the post, readers of the post have been sending me the names of Mums they think deserve a shout out, and why. So I am giving these amazing women a shout out, right here, on Mother’s Day. You can also see these shout outs over on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Feel free to grab the Mother’s Day badge and slap it all over your site! It’s there for anyone and everyone, whether you’re mentioned in the post or not!


Without further ado, here are the shout outs;


Kristin blogs over at Four Princesses And The Cheese and totally deserves this shout out today! In her own words, she has a wonderful ability to keep her tiny humans alive! And as we all know too well, there are days when that is not always an easy thing to do!! You’re rocking it, Kristin!



I know today will be especially difficult for Lydia, having recently lost her own mum. I know how close you were to your mum, and I also know that she is with you every single day. You’re doing such an amazing job with your own beautiful little monkey, and you should totally be proud!



Ann blogs over at Rainbows Are Too Beautiful and quite rightly wanted to give a massive shout out to all Autism and SEND mums. My baby brother is on the spectrum, so this is something that is also very close to my heart, and I couldn’t think of a more deserving group of mums for this shout out. So to Ann, and to all Autism and SEND mums; you are AUSOME!



Meagan blogs over at The Mum Project and her mum Mary sounds like an amazing mama! Meagan says that her mum has done absolutely everything in her power to ensure that she has a happy life. What more could you ask for from your mum?! High five from me, Mary!



Nicola blogs over at For The Love of Jars and told me about her mum Pat. Pat has always done whatever she can for Nicola, and is always there in a crisis. At 81 years old, Pat is proof that age really isn’t anything but a number! She walks 15 miles a week with her rambling group, plays golf, and by the sounds of things has a better social life than me (that’s not actually too hard to be honest!) What an inspiration you are, Pat!



Talking of inspirational mums! Kat, it doesn’t seem to matter what life throws at you (life has a bloody good throwing arm too!) you take it by the horns and ride the shit out of it! I’m always just a little bit in awe of your strength and ability to crack a smile no matter what! Keep doing what you do, chick.

Grab your badges, ladies! Display them wherever you like, and with pride!


Happy Mother’s Day, Everyone!


9 thoughts on “Mother’s Day: A Shout Out To Some Amazing Mamas!

  1. I think it is fab to talk about all areas that affect people on Mother’s day. I lost my Mum 13 years ago but am now a mum myself so the feelings are real mixed bag. #RVHT

    1. The more I thought about al the people around me the more I realised that the day would be totally different for everyone. X

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