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Life After Maternity Leave: Month One

I’ve officially completed my fifth week since returning to work after maternity with my second child. At least, I think it’s the fifth week, I’ve sort of lost track of the weeks… and days… and… what was I saying?

Only messing, life after maternity leave isn’t quite that bad! Although I must say that my short term memory really is that bad since popping out a second kid, but that’s an entirely different post!

So here’s how the first five weeks have gone.

Week 1:

Fine. It felt great to be back at work, getting back into the swing of things. I had planned loads in advance in terms of meal prep for the evenings, and even making sure we got to nursery half an hour early every morning so that I could enjoy a quick cup of coffee in relative peace before starting the day. By Wednesday though, the meal plan went out of the window and we resorted to Nando’s. Oops! I can’t go on enough about how great it felt to have a whole hour’s break for lunch! Sitting down to eat a hot meal, uninterrupted, is pure bliss after 10 months of barely managing to swallow a luke warm cup of coffee somewhere vaguely around lunchtime!

"Mummy let's take a selfie, just the two to us" ❤️❤️this kid ❤️❤️

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Week 2

Sick. Sick. Sick. Sick. More sick. It was bound to happen, and I was fully prepared for the possibility, but still rather gutted when it happened. Wills came down with a bug this week, and I ended up having to take 2 out of my 3 days off work. I hate taking time off work, but as we all know, the kids come first. Wills ended up getting pretty dehydrated and we had to take a trip to the hospital to give him a helping hand with some fluids.

Week 3:

This week passed with very little drama, actually. I managed a whole week at work, no one got sick and Wills seemed much better. In fact, we even managed to enjoy a trip to the beach before work this week, and I think a healthy dose of vitamin D at the weekend did everyone some good. We ended the week enjoying Amelia’s friends birthday at her house on Good Friday, and thoroughly enjoying chocolate and roast Lamb on Easter Sunday. There was a dicey (and according to Mr C utterly hilarious) moment sorting the egg hunt out when I lost my footing and for a split second thought I had broken my ankle. Luckily it was just a bit of a twist, even if it does still hurt now!

🐣 🐰 I think we found them all……. who knows?! 😂😂 🐰 🐣

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Week 4:

Sick. Sick. Sick. Sick. More sick.  It was already set to be a short week because Monday was Easter Monday so we had an extra day off. I had signed up for a couple of hours overtime to try to minimise the £’s lost from all the time I’d had off in week 2, but turns out it was fruitless. After more than 14 days had passed, and none of the rest of the family had been struck down by Wills’ Easter lurgy, Mr C and I began to silently congratulate ourselves on a well-swerved sicky disaster.

Stupid stupid stupid. Do NOT tempt fate people, be warned! On Tuesday, the staff in Amelia’s room at nursery called through to my room to let me know that Amelia hadn’t really been herself all morning. This had culminated in her refusing a very rare lunch of fish fingers and mash. This, they decided, proved she was ill, they took her temperature and it was 38.8C. She’d fallen asleep, and what did I want to do? The “Parenting of Sick Kids” rule in our house is turn-taking, so it was Mr C’s turn to come and pick her up. Aside from this, I unfortunately don’t get paid for sick or parental leave, whereas Mr C does. Having already lost nearly a week’s wages last week, we simply couldn’t afford for me to have any more time off. I won’t lie, it felt awful knowing I was working while Amelia went home feeling so poorly, knowing that she would be asking for me. Unfortunately, this is a battle that so many working parents have to face.

Just to finish the week nicely, I went home 2 hours early on Wednesday having spewed my lunch up in the staff loo, and topped it off with a killer migraine that left me unable to see for most of the night. Work-wise, I guess it was lucky that it was the end of my working week. Needless to say, though, we didn’t really get to enjoy much of our time off together. I was still feeling pretty crappy on Thursday, so Mr C had to take yet more time off to look after the kids while I languished in bed.

Week 5:

All in all, it’s been a successful week! No one has been sick, no time off has been needed by anyone, and we have reached the end of Wednesday without disaster! I get my first full month’s pay on Friday (minus the time off I had with Wills) and although it’ll be slightly less than we hoped due to the time off, it’ll be nice to see some proper wages coming into my account. In the meantime, I’ve been working on our budget for the month ahead (tight!) and we’re all looking forward to a lovely day with Grandma on Thursday.


How about you guys? Have you returned to work recently (or not-so recently), and if so do you have any pearls of wisdom for me? Seriously, anything!!


15 thoughts on “Life After Maternity Leave: Month One

    1. Oh god, I hope so! Turns out we think Wills might have a sight dairy intolerance, so hopefully we can have less sick from here on out! xx

  1. I recently returned to work and have also been back just over a month. It wasn’t as bad as I expected but like you I’ve already had to take a couple of days off when Rory was poorly! Kids and germs! #dreamteam

    1. Typical eh?! Glad it’s going well for you, I was surprised at how quickly we fell into the new routine x

  2. It’s so typical isn’t it! As soon as you go back to work! Same happened with ne about a month after going back. Priorities change though and the kids have to come first. I need to get into meal planning better and I have been back over 7 months! Haha! #dreamteam

    1. I don’t think I’d survive without planning in advance… I’m usually ravenous when I get home, if dinner wasn’t done I’d eat the walls hahaha!!! X

    1. I think it’s inevitable when baby start nursery/childcare as they’re suddenly introduced to a world of germs haha! I’m never surprised when parents take time off soon after going back to work, but any sensible employer will understand! The great thing is now that initiation into germ city has passed, both the kids immune systems are stronger than ever so it should be a while before anymore sick days have to be taken! Good luck!xx

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