Want to Know How to Make your Blog A Business – Treat it Like One!

If you really want to know how to make your blog a business the answer is simple. You just have to treat it like one. I know it seems like it’s way too simple to work, but there’s some serious (often underestimated) value in simplicity.



How to Make your Blog A Business


Here’s the thing; if you really want to turn your blog into a thriving business, you have to start treating it like a business today. You may not be making any money right now, but neither are Toys R Us (sorry Geoffrey 🙁 ) and you still think of them as a business, right?


As well of thinking of your blog as a business, you really need to be thinking of yourself as a business person too. You might be a brand new business person, a totally lost business person, or a thriving business person. Either way, you’re a business person, an online entrepreneur, a solopreneur.


All new businesses, online or otherwise, usually start out with very little or zero income. I’d go so far as to say that 90%of businesses start out with a negative bottom line – that is, they spend more than they generate in revenue. As a blogger wanting to create an online business you’re no different.



How is my blog like a traditional business already?


If you’re self-hosted (you probably should be) and you’re not earning from your blog yet, you’re probably in the same boat as any other foundling business. Your bottom line is in the negative. You’re paying a host for your domain, which is a business cost.


Add in anything else you spend money on, such as schedulers, courses, VA time, products& props, along with any other blogging tools, and you can see how most businesses start off making a loss.


These costs are exactly why you need to think of your blog as a business, and yourself as a business person, long before you actually start making any money.



If you really want to know how to make your blog a business the answer is simple. You just have to treat it like one. I know it seems like it's way too simple to work, but there's some serious (often underestimated) value in simplicity.



But how is thinking going to help me actually make my blog a business?


A simple switch in mindset is often the biggest step to turning a blog into a successful business. Once you step away from the idea that blogging is a hobby that you might be able to make money from, and move towards really thinking about how to make your blog a business for real, your attitude changes.


My partner asks me every night;

“Are you blogging tonight?”

And 90% of the time my response is something like;

“Yup. I’ve got a lot of work to do.”


I try not to refer to blogging as blogging, but as work. Yes, that might feel like the exact opposite of what we want our blogs to be, but it helps to draw a distinct line between what Id o for money and what I do for s***s and giggles!


It goes without saying that I love blogging, but that still doesn’t make it a hobby. It means I’m one of a small minority who is lucky enough to be able to say that I love my job. It might not be a traditional job, but it is a job. It’s one that I’ve created for myself, one that I set the rules for. My job is the job I dreamed of having, and so I went out and made it happen. But it’s still a job, and sometimes it even pays the bills 😉


When you treat your blog like the business you want it to be, you give yourself more accountability for actually getting **** done. The days of


“oh, I don’t really feel in the mood today”

are replaced by

“Right, what’s on my schedule that I have to get done?”


Some might argue that it takes the fun away, but if you truly love blogging then there’ll always be fun in it. Granted, some of the necessary tasks might not be fun at all, but they are the necessary bits that allow you to do the fun bits, and that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, my friend 😉



Make yourself accountable


So if you’re struggling to really turn your blog into the business you want it to, if you’re waiting for it to make money before you give it the attention it deserves, then you’re probably holding it back from ever actually becoming a biz.


Set yourself a work schedule and stick to it. Find yourself an accountability buddy who’ll help you stay on track, or better yet join a fabulous blogging community of like minded bloggers. Get yourself some proper productivity processes down, and give yourself a title. You’re not just a blogger. You’re a writer, the founder of a website and community, a small business owner.


You’re not ‘just a…’ anything. You are an online entrepreneur, and the sooner you start believing it, the sooner you’ll start creating the success you’ve been waiting for.



Want to know how to make your blog a business ?!


Show up, sit up, pep yourself up, and step it up!


Don’t ever apologise for what you do, play it down, or underestimate yourself. if you do, everyone else will too. You know what they say;


“You’ve got to fake it until you make it!”




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