We're all looking for a way to walk away from traditional work and make money from home, but most of us aren't really pursuing it.

Do This One Thing to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

What’s the one thing stopping you from pushing your blog to the next level? I would bet that most of you will say something money related. We’re all looking for a way to walk away from traditional work and make money from home, but most of us aren’t really pursuing it.


It could be that you don’t think you have enough time to devote to your blog because you’re still working full or part time. It could be that you don’t think you’ll make enough money to do it full time. Maybe you’re not even sure how to monetise your blog.


Whatever your reasons, and wherever you are in your blogging journey, I want to talk about the one thing you really need to do if you want to take your blogging to the next level and earn an income from it. You might be surprised that the one thing you need to do isn’t directly blog related.



The one thing you need to do make more money

If you’re really serious about blogging full time and want to make money from home, working on your own business and not someone else’s, then you need to remove all the mental blocks that are stopping you. One of the things that most people say to me is that they’re worried they won’t replace their full wage with income from their blog.


They’re probably right (at least to begin with). Here’s the thing; blogging isn’t easy money. It requires the same level of hustle as any other solo business if you want to be successful. In the name of being real, if you’re after a way to make more money fast, this is not it. Making money from a blog takes time. You need to build an audience, create content, and a thousand other things. Yes you can make money in your first month, but you’re not going to replace your salary.


So how the hell can you give it the time it needs to develop when you still have to work and do all the other life stuff? Well, you can’t, so it’ll never grow and that’s it. Back to the day job. OR NOT.




Walk away from traditional work and make money from home but most of us aren't really pursuing it.



Do this first

Before you even think about making real money from your blog, you need to know exactly how much you need to make. I don’t mean an “it’d be nice” ballpark figure, or a pipe dream “one day” figure. I mean a very specific figure, unique to you, that you absolutely have to bring in for you and your family to survive.


This is where a bare bones budget comes in, which you might have seen me talking about earlier in the week. Putting together a bare bones budget is really going to help you narrow down your earning requirements. I can pretty much guarantee this will surprise you and will give you the breathing space you need to push forward with your online business.


In my opinion, even the millionaires of this world need a bare bones budget. Quite frankly, you never know what could happen. But for the purposes of business planning and taking your blog to the next level, it’s the one thing that could be holding you back from your full potential.



Surprise yourself

Take 5 minutes whenever you can today to pull up your online banking app (you really should have this, but of you don’t just login on your PC or phone’s browser). Grab a coffee, pen, and a piece of paper, and write down everything that’s gone out of your account this month that you couldn’t have survived without.


I’m talking rent or mortgage, utilities, grocery shopping, and childcare. Don’t include things like Sky TV, Gym memberships, or any other luxuries. Just the bare bones of what you and your family need to live.


Now add it all up. That’s it; that’s your bare bones budget. I’m going to hazard a guess and say that it’s a hell of a lot less than you thought it would be, right? Maybe your partner’s salary covers most or all of it. Either way, you now know exactly what you need to bring in order to keep a roof over your heads, everyone fed and watered, and keep the family alive.



It might not be pretty

Looking at your life this way might not be pretty, and it not be all that appealing. Most people won’t ever choose to live on their bare bones budget, and you might never have to either.


But think of it this way; would you rather sacrifice some luxuries, get back to basics, and teach your kids the true value of money for a few months, while you work on building a successful business that you can run from your sofa?


Do you think you’d be more motivated to put in the effort needed to start an online business if what you earned had a genuine impact on your family’s lifestyle?


Or do you want to spend the next 5 years thinking you can’t do it, eventually give up, and work for the man until you retire (if you retire, that is…)



Start to make money from home

You can start today; you don’t need to quit your job, or cancel your Netflix subscription (not the Netflix!!!) right now. All you need to do is to know that you can do it.


Start with a bare bones budget today, and then once you have number on paper, start planning how you’re going to make that number. And there’s the beginning of your business plan. 😉



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Walk away from traditional work and make money from home but most of us aren't really pursuing it.


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