How I Broke the Internet

Over the last few weeks I’ve read post after post about the wonders of ‘going self hosted‘. All of them assured me that even though it was quite a scary process, and has its difficult elements, it’s not really that bad after all. Being something I knew I definitely wanted to do, I scheduled myself a couple of hours, got the hosting sorted out and set about exporting and importing content from my old site to my new, self-hosted site.


All well and good so far, and I think I got a little bit cocky. I mean really, this is just not difficult in the slightest! Until I hit a snag. I had purchased a domain name through WordPress way before moving to a self-hosted site.

In fact, I purchased my domain on the day I set my site up, stupidly thinking this meant I was totally self-hosted from day one… took me about┬áthree hours to realise how oh-so-wrong I was!

I didn’t, therefore need to buy a domain with my new host, I just needed to transfer the one I already had. No problem; I went into WordPress and re-directed the DNS, went to my new dashboard and changed the web address, typed my web address into my browser, and got… A generic “this domain is registered to” page.

Shit, man. I’m fairly intelligent, but I’ve royally cocked this up!

Now usually, I would wrack my brains until I figured out a solution to this, and high five myself when I finally achieved success after an all-nighter fuelled by coffee and biscuits. But the generic page I was getting was showing a list of ‘related sites you might like’ which included various, ahem, adult sites. I really didn’t want anyone but me landing on this page, so I gave in fairly quickly and called my hosts support line.

The lovely lady I spoke to seemed just as confused as me as to how I’d managed to cock it up quite so much, but after putting me on hold for about three minutes she came back to me.

Type your website address in now, it’s all up and running!

So if you are looking for a detailed how-to on migrating your site, I’m afraid you have come to the wrong place! Because somehow, despite following all of the guidelines, I still managed to break something! If, however, you have come looking for tips on how to call a very useful team of people and have them fix things up for you in less than five minutes, then look no further!



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