Autumnal Wears: Guy Fawkes & Bonfire Night

For me, Guy Fawkes night has always been about more than just fireworks and a big fire. I mean there’s the obvious of course; the whole night is actually about a guy (get it) called Guy Fawkes who tried to blow up Parliament. So obviously there’s more to November 5th than fireworks and a bonfire, but it also has more meaning on a personal level.


Halloween growing up always felt like the time of year that my family really started to come together. We all love the day, and always had a big party well into my late teens (which naturally became a more boozy affair!). Soon after Halloween we would all go to a huge fireworks display together, and I remember everything about it being cosy and really together, like a family should be. Next comes Christmas and New Year, and it was like once the New Year had broken each year, we had exhausted our warm and cosy togetherness, and we were back to arguing and going our separate ways. Until the next October, that is.

Maybe the warm, fuzzy, and cosy feeling I got from my family back then can be credited for my love of the typically cosy fashion of autumn. Saying that, maybe it’s just because it gets fucking cold. Seriously, it was 1°C when I woke up this morning. ONE DEGREE CELSIUS!


My Ideal Autumn Outfit

For as long as I can remember, I have used Guy Fawkes night to rep my ideal autumn outfit. Naturally, the ‘ideal’ has changed over the years, sometimes dramatically, and other years not so. In all honesty, my ideal outfit hasn’t changed much from my teen years; adapted maybe, but still recognisable as the same style.

Bonfire/fireworks night is all about warmth, cosiness, and of course safety has to play too. Gloves are a must, but as far as I’m concerned if they’re not of the black leather variety they’re out! I’ve always been lover of he humble woolly hat, but no woolly hat is complete without a matching scarfy friend. Preferably the chunkier and more woollen the better!


More than all of this, though, is my love for tweed. I’ve lusted after a tweed jacket for pretty much my whole adult life (and some of the teens, too). But I’ll pretty much settle for anything which vaguely fits the bill! I have a super-comfy pair of shorts which team amazingly with black tights and boots for a really autumnal look.

Naturally Autumnal

When it comes to jewellery, I’ve never really been a fan of anything too shiny… Bear with me, I know that sounds nuts! I prefer my gold tarnished (or of the rose variety in Summer), mainly because I feel like it complements the natural colours of autumn better. In Autumn, I feel like natural colours just seem to work better; and there are so many to choose from! I must admit, I think way more about the colours I put on in the colder months than I do in Summer.

I really dislike the idea that autumn and winter are the ‘dark’ seasons. I mean, okay, they literally are the dark seasons, but what better reason to wear pops of colour?! There’s nothing like adding colour to your outfit to make an autumnal morning feel just a touch warmer (that and gloves. Gloves help.)

Guy Fawkes, Bonfire/fireworks night is all about warmth, cosiness, and of course safety has to play too.

Make it Simple

There’s one big hurdle, though, isn’t there?  Years ago when I was chaperoning my brothers to the fireworks display, proudly repping my new season look, I had all the time in the world to put it together perfectly. I had hours to perfect the ‘I just threw this on’ (which is mostly how I actually ended up looking!) These days life is not so simple. Children require feeding, and some kind of actual interaction, so you’re not going to find me in the bathroom for an hour. On the other hand, I know myself a hell of a lot better. I know what works and what doesn’t, what I can do quickly and what will take me forever.

With all this in mind, I have filled my wardrobe with a variety of clothing which all (kind of) goes together, and I’ve managed to speed up my morning make up routine so that I can be out the door with full face in 10 minutes. Somehow always takes longer if Mr C says he’ll get up with the kids (sshhhh!) 😉


15 thoughts on “Autumnal Wears: Guy Fawkes & Bonfire Night

  1. I love bonfire night as well and have such fond memories of dressing up in about 100 layers and being so warm watching fireworks and the bonfire with my family. Love your outfit with the shorts, gorgeous! Thanks for linking this up with #thursdayteam

  2. I love autumn and winter clothes, I think layering looks great. Love these shorts, with the belt. Thanks for linking with #fortheloveofBLOG

  3. Great post, cosy is my favourite word at the moment and I am snuggling up in cosy jumpers and currently looking for a new pair of winter boots . Enjoy the fireworks!! #StayClassyMama

    1. Love a good pair of boots 👢 my faves this year are a knee high leather pair I got in New Look down from £65 to £10!!!! Total bargain!

  4. Shorts with tights – a look I never understood until I lived through a fall season in Washington State. It’s cold and wet here, apparently very similar to England’s weather. Shorts and tights are my jam now! #BloggerClubUK

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