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3 Books that Will Help Grow your Blog

I used to read a lot. I mean, I’m an English Lit graduate, so this time 10 years ago I was consuming 6 classics a semester. I was known for walking around with my nose stuck in a book (literally) and only narrowly avoiding lampposts (most of the time). But it wasn’t until recently that I started reading regularly again, and this time my focus was firmly rooted in how to grow your blog.



Reading to grow your blog


For most of us, when we have kids, the chance to sit down and relax with a good page turner pretty much disappears. I’ve picked up the odd novel here and there in the last 4 years, but nothing has really held my attention. That is, until I started researching ways to grow your blog, and came across 3 books that changed my life.


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it wasn't until recently that I started reading regularly again, and this time my focus was firmly rooted in how to grow your blog.



– Chris Ducker


Everything Chris says in this book makes absolute sense. He has a knack of making everything he tells you in the book sound like the most simple thing in the world.


Reading Rise of the YouPreneur, it feels as though every page holds a “how did I not think of that?” moment. I’d go so far as to say that the book is the first thing I ever read that made me truly believe that what I have is actually a business.





– Pat Flynn


Pat’s book feels like the most natural next read after Rise of the YouPreneur. If it wasn’t for the fact that Will it Fly was released a whole 2 years (almost to the day) before Rise of the YouPreneur, I’d be convinced that Chris and Pat had conspired to create companion books!


Will it Fly took me a few days longer to read than Rise of the YouPreneur, mostly because every chapter had such amazingly practical tips and exercises that I had to keep stopping to execute them then and there.


It was almost as though Chris made me believe I could do it and Pat showed me how. Match made in heaven 😉





– Aby Moore


I’ve been following Aby for some time now, and as a member of her Inner Circle I was excited to be one of the first to grab her book on its release day.


Aby couldn’t be closer to being the Mum next door, with the big difference being that she’s the Mum next door who just happens to have an amazingly successful blog and loves nothing more than teaching others how to be successful.


Aby’s tips are simple and effective. They are totally actionable, and you always know that any advice she gives comes from her own direct experience. Absolutely worth the read!





3 books to help grow your blog


The next time you find yourself with a spare half an hour, grab your phone (yep, even on iPhone!) and install the kindle app (or ) and download one of these awesome books.


I promise you won’t regret it 😉





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