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Getting Ready for School with My Name Tags & WIN A Set for Yourself!

I’m really forgetful. Like really forgetful. And also clumsy, a bit club footed, and a total butter fingers. It’s a wonder I’ve never actually dropped or forgotten one of the kids tbh. My phone on the other hand…


For a long time Amelia got into the habit of asking me every time we left the house if I’d forgotten anything (I usually had) and it was actually a huge help. These days, though, she’s about as forgetful as me, and she’s stopped asking. Which is probably only fair seeing as that’s most likely supposed to be my job as her mother.


Almost every time I pick her up from nursery we get all the way downstairs, coats and shoes on, before one of us remembers some valuable trinket has been left upstairs. We once noticed that her teddy Snuffy was sitting pride of place with all the other nursery teddies, and had probably been there for weeks. Given that he has belonged to her Dad since he was younger than her, it was a slight indiscretion on our parts!


Today I forgot her lunch bag and had to send Mr C to drop it in on his way to work, and there’s nearly always a toy, or a hat or glove lurking around her peg or in her tray.


It’s so bad that I even regularly forget coffee. I mean, what?! I nearly always make a coffee to take with me on the nursery run, and nearly always leave it on the console table by the front door. And I really love coffee…


The ordering process with My Name Tags is fab, and you completely design your own stickers from scratch. I let Amelia design hers, and she had so much fun choosing



How are we going to cope with school?!


I’m getting quite nervous about losing or forgetting things when Amelia goes to school, because I’m very aware that things like school uniform are bloody expensive to replace, especially if you start losing things on a weekly basis (which we probs will).


Helpful as ever, when I spoke to Amelia about losing things at school, her response was;


“How am I gonna lose my clothes when I’ll be wearing them?”


Like I was some kind of total idiot for even mentioning it. Well, here’s hoping it’ll be that simple kid!



The solution!


The lovely people at My Name Tags have come to the rescue, though, with some gorgeous personalised name tags for all her valuables! We were sent some stickers to try out, and they really are amazing. They also do iron on labels, but I opted for stickers mostly because I’m lazy they’re more convenient and, well… who irons?


The ordering process with My Name Tags is fab, and you completely design your own stickers from scratch. I let Amelia design hers, and she had so much fun choosing her background and icon (even if she did get a bit anal over it all IMO 😉 )


Even better than that, they were delivered in super speed, and arrived within a day or 2. Naturally Amelia wanted to sticker everything up, but we settled on her shoes and coat for now until I start buying uniform for school.


The best thing about these stickers is that they don’t come off easily at all. They stick to pretty much anything and they can be run through the washing machine and dishwasher (perfect for lunchboxes etc), or get wet in the rain and they don’t just fall off. I don’t know what they’re made of but I’m guessing it’s some kind of childproof wizardry.


Anyway, I really can’t recommend them enough. You can grab your own set of 56 stickers for £11.95 with £1 delivery, or better yet enter below to win a personalised set. Don’t forget to pop back daily for an extra entry 😉



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