Get Organised: MummyMamaMum Is Moving!

I’d be lying if I said that our upcoming move (aaaargh 6 weeks!) didn’t have me feeling just a little bit on the stressed side. I think I’m doing an ok job at keeping a handle on it, and Mr C is doing his part in reminding me to chill out a bit!

The truth is, it just feels like there’s so much to get organised. So I’ve come up with a bit of a plan, a list of things that I know definitely need to get done and/or organised in the next 6 weeks


Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box

Ok. There’s actually only big fish to contend with, because we killed little fish 🙁 That’s another (devastating) story that I’ll get around to telling you about in the next few days. Cardboard boxes, on the other hand… Currently we have a grand total of 0 boxes, and that is definitely something I need to get organised. With so many of the other usual moving expenses, I’d quite like to avoid having to actually buy too many boxes, so I’ll be badgering work for any delivery boxes. As well as that, it’s always worth asking local supermarkets and any other local businesses.

We’re Packing

Well, actually we’re not. In either sense of the phrase! And even though we’ve still got 6 weeks, the last thing I want to do is leave it all and then have a mad dash trying to pack with 2 kids in the house and a fiancé with zero packing skills! S o my plan is to get hold of some of those boxes I talked about and start getting the non-essentials safely packed away. I’m talking the excess kitchen and baking equipment that isn’t needed for everyday use. The stacks of keepsakes under the bed, the Christmas decorations, my beloved books, and even some ornaments and knick knacks.

I’m hyper-aware that I don’t want the kids to feel like we’re living in a shell of a home for the next 6 weeks, but I also know that as long as they have the things that they really need, they will be fine. It’s not forever, and it’s for the greater good.

On The Road

Think less Jack Kerouac, more Removals-R-Us! This is a difficult one, because although we know that we are moving in the last week of July, we don’t actually know exactly which day! This means that I can’t actually book a removals van until we know the exact date, which is probably stressing me out the most. BUT even though we can’t book anything, I can start getting quotes and checking around for the best deal. So this is on my to-do list for this week, and hopefully will ease the stress a little bit because I’ll feel like I’m actually doing something productive!


Cooking Up A Storm

Ideally just not a stress storm haha! No, what I actually mean is in the kitchen. You might think I’m bonkers for being worried about getting myself in the kitchen, but batch cooking for the move is pretty high up on my list. Moving can be expensive, so I don’t want to be relying on takeaways for the first week, aside from the fact that the kids aren’t great lovers of any of the usual choices (apart from maybe fish & chips!) Even bigger than that is the fact that I don’t want to have to be stressing out about finding pots and pans, or worse yet – ending up hungry and irritable because we haven’t been able to eat properly. In general, we are not a nice family when our food is taken away! So for the next few weeks I’ll be stockpiling our freezer with batch cooked meals that we can take with us, which will hopefully help to remove any potential hangry stress!


I Need You!

This is where you guys come in! Obviously, I have moved house before. Lots of times, actually! But I have never ever had to contend with moving with 2 kids and that move being 100 miles away! So please please feel free to fill my comments box up with tips, tricks, and anything you think I’ve missed! I promise you it’ll be gratefully received!

Get Organised Moving

10 thoughts on “Get Organised: MummyMamaMum Is Moving!

  1. You killed little fish???? Oh Dear!
    Anyway, it seems like you are pretty organised but i have to agree if i didn’t know the exact day and was waiting around for it it would probably throw me over the edge. I have moved to a different country with 2 kids (mad i know) and will probably have to do it again in the very near future (WHAT???) I found it quite stressful to think about but when i actually got things going was absolutely fine. Good luck. Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama

    1. Ok another country kinda puts things into perspective haha!! I think you’re right, the thinking about it stage is probably more stressful but when you actually get into action you just get on with it don’t you!! Xx

  2. Declutter! Use this as an opportunity to get rid of stuff … Lots of stuff. It saves packing and unpacking it. (We realised we may have over done this when we bumped into someone from our local charity shop in the street and they said hello …)

    Hope the move goes well and all the best for your new home

    1. Haha that’s hilarious!! We went through CD’s and DVD’s yesterday and found some real charity shop bin classics haha!!xx

  3. Oh my goodness I hated moving. My daughter was six months old, I left all the packing to the last minute. But you seem so on top of things. My top tip would be don’t let packing get in the way of the rest of your life. Take a break from packing and get out to a playgroup or the park and have a good time, rather than get exhausted and go insane inside. You’ll come back at it with new energy. And when you get where you are going the unpacking can wait, get out and go to every baby group there is and start making new friends. That is the best you will get from someone as lazy as me! Oh an also – the meal planning is a great idea, but don’t forget when you are moving then you deserve a few take always too. #StayClassyMama

    1. That is such good advice! I must admit I can be a bit psycho when it comes to unpacked boxes and clutter, but I totally agree that life is just more important!!! Thanks so much for your lovely comment xxx

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