Weight Loss Tips Edit: Confessions of a Cereal Eater

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written about my weight loss journey, or shared any weight loss tips, mainly because I guess there hasn’t been much of a journey recently! Unless you count ‘onwards and upwards’…

The Bad with the Good

Just because my journey had stalled for bit, though, shouldn’t have meant that I wasn’t thinking or writing about it. I was definitely thinking about it, so I can only conclude that I wasn’t ready to write about it.

Because, let’s face it, it was Christmas and I wasn’t ready to get back on the bandwagon. Not writing about it somehow meant I didn’t have to do it. I would just like to clarify, though, that I believe we are all absolutely entitled to ignore diets on special occasions of our choosing. That might be Christmas, or your birthday, or your kid’s birthday, or whatever you choose. And you should be able to do so without any guilt whatsoever.

So I have been avoiding it, but I don’t feel guilty. I do, however, feel ready to get back on it. If you’re looking for weight loss tips, there it is; stop beating yourself up and give yourself a break sometimes.

Bad Habits

It’s astounding how quickly old, bad habits can sneak back into the daily routine. But for me, that’s they key word – routine. Without it, everything falls apart and I find it all (my weight included) pretty difficult to manage.

I’ve found myself doing crazy things that I used to think were okay; 2 slices of toast while dinner’s cooking, skipping dinner because I’m momentarily full up from a toast snack, cereal for dinner at 9pm because I’m hungry through lack of dinner. A second bowl of cereal because… well, just because I like cereal.

It becomes easy to skip meals when the routine is all out of whack, and along with meal skipping comes snacking. Usually that snacking is on things that are quick and easy to grab; crisps, bread, the kids Christmas chocolate (don’t judge me).

If you're looking for weight loss tips ; give yourself a break sometimes.

Weight Loss Tips

You’ve probably read a hundred times that it takes “[x] weeks to ”

Honestly, I think it’s a pile of crap, and habits aren’t formed in weeks, they’re formed over the course of┬álifetimes, and they can change, but that change requires some effort and will power to stick with it. If you’ve ever stuck to a diet for 3 weeks and then given up, you’ll know that the ’21 days to form a new habit’ mantra is not all that accurate.

There are a thousand amazing weight loss tips out there, and just as many (if not more) completely useless ones. For me, it’s about personal choice. I’ve really decided that I’m going to shift the 2 stone which probably should have gone (for my health) a long time ago. So every time I feel tempted, I’m (albeit begrudgingly) reminding myself that it’s me who wants and needs this.

Maybe if you don’t want it enough, it shouldn’t be your focus right now?

The End of the January Blues

Finally, trying to lose weight because it’s the done thing to do in January is pointless task.

“Weight loss is for life, not just for Christmas the New Year”

Do it because you want to, and because you can.

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What bad habits are you struggling to drop after Christmas? I’m really intrigued to find out what everyone else struggles with – What’s the one bad habit you just can’t break after Christmas. Or do you have secret eating confession (I often wait until everyone’s asleep before cracking out the treat I’ve hidden). Or do you have some amazing weight loss tips to share? Whatever it is, I’d love to hear it! Tweet me using the button below.





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