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Visualisation Ain’t for Me…

My brother is one of the people I admire most in the world. As a kid, he harnessed the power of visualisation. As young as 5, he would set his mind on something and nearly always achieve it. Whether it was saving up his pennies (literally coppers) for months until he had enough for the toy he’d been coveting, or scrounging wood from skips to build some contraption he’d been dreaming up, he did it. Like lots of kids his age, he believed he could do anything.


The big difference with him was that he believed it – like really believed it – and then let nothing get in the way of him achieving it. And he’s carried that through to his adult life. He’s always been good with his hands, and as a (nearly) 25-year-old still has the unbelievable curiosity of the 9-year-old boy who taught himself how air particles bounce off one another in double glazing to keep a room warm.


I admire his self belief and powers of visualisation



At about 10, he wanted to be a CSI, and routinely tested the whole family’s DNA for clues (to what crime exactly I have no idea!) Then he discovered a love for cars.


As soon as he was old enough, he went out on his bike and hunted down a mechanics garage that would let him do some work for them. He found a place and worked there every Saturday, getting up at the crack of dawn to do his days work. He missed a spot on the GCSE mechanics course at school, which he needed to get into college, but he didn’t let that stop him. Instead, he got himself on a foundation course at college, repeating work he had already done, while he sent CV’s and cover letters to every dealership he could imagine.


His ultimate dream was to work for BMW, but when an apprenticeship at Volkswagon was offered to him he grabbed it with both hands and became their apprentice of the year 2 years running. It was this that made BMW sit up and take notice, and was working for them by his third year.


Since then, he’s worked for other companies, each time he’s moved commanding a bigger pay rise. And throughout his entire working life he’s had his mind set on buying a house, and he’s saved like the financial beaver he’s always been. At one point during his apprenticeship he worked his day job as a mechanic Monday to Friday, a second job on Saturdays with McDonald’s, and then later he took on evening work in a pub.  He currently has more of a deposit in the bank than most of us could dream of, and has just applied for a regional management position with the company he’s working for now.


My brother is one of the people I admire most in the world. I don't admire his bank account (okay, maybe a bit ;-)), and I don't admire his career. I admire his self belief and powers of visualisation.

My point is this; he has spent his whole life with an unwavering belief that he can achieve anything. He’s set his sights on things that most of us would tell ourselves are out of our reach and keep as pipe dreams stored in the back of our minds.


My brother was never the academic type, struggled with some of the work at school, and I believe suffers with un-diagnosed Dyslexia. But he knew what he was good at, and worked like a dog to keep up with everything else.


He could always see in his mind what his future would look like, and he let nothing get in the way of achieving it. He was often overlooked at school as one of the less ‘smart’ kids, but he’s one of the most intelligent people I know. He isn’t only curious about things, he grabs hold of that curiosity and takes it as far as he can, immersing himself in things that intrigue him. He teaches himself anything he wants to know, and knows he can be the best in everything he sets his mind to.


My brother is one of the people I admire most in the world. I don’t admire his bank account (okay, maybe a bit ;-)), and I don’t admire his career. I admire his self belief and powers of visualisation.


My brother is proof that you can achieve anything in life if you truly believe that you can.


So what is it you want to do? Is it a new career, save money, learn basic website coding, set up your own business, be the best damn Mum you can be?


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