Carpet Cleaning With Kids

Carpet Cleaning With Kids: MummyMamaMum Has Moved – Guest Post

We’re in! The move is complete, and we are finally in our new home! I’d be lying if I said it’s been without trial, but the worst is definitely over, and we’re just left with unpacking the final bits and getting into a bit more of an organised state.

One thing that I was very aware of before the move was that we would be moving from a house with wood flooring throughout to a house with cream carpets throughout. I mean, literally this has got to be the worst nightmare for anyone with small kids. On top of that, I am probably the clumsiest woman alive, and I drink a lot of coffee… Neither of these things bode well for my new cream carpets!

Carpet Cleaning With Kids
This boy is a cream carpet’s worst nightmare, for sure!!

Thankfully, the lovely Sophia from Tidy London is on hand with some really great tips on keeping carpets clean when you have small kids. The inevitable mess, accidents, and stains are no match for her DIY carpet cleaning tips. I was really surprised by some of her top tips, and I feel much better armed to deal with any carpetastrophies as and when they happen!

Easy carpet cleaning solutions when you have small children

Carpets are undoubtedly one of the best accessories you can add to a room. They show the homeowner’s style and preferences. However, they are also one of the most easily damaged items in a household. As any cloth, the carpet, too, gets stained very easily. If you have kids, the stains on your carpet are inevitable. You can either leave them as they are (which is ugly and leads to damaging of the fibre), or you can clean them.

What can you do to keep your carpets clean? Of course, you can resolve to the hazardous market detergents for removal of carpet stains and discolorations. But those are: 1) unnecessarily expensive and 2) hazardous. If you think that just because it doesn’t say ‘potentially deadly’ on the bottle means that it’s safe, you better think twice. Most market carpet cleaners can contain as much as 300 hazardous chemicals, some of which can cause asphyxiation if inhaled by children or domestic animals.

Now, let’s talk about DIY carpet cleaners. Above all, those are cheap and efficient that are used even by cleaning companies like Tidy tenancy cleaners Roehampton. They are the preferred alternative of market carpet cleaners because they are chemical-free and yet they are just as efficient as bleach or carpet cleaning powders. DIY carpet cleaning solutions are those like baking soda, vinegar, ammonia, etc. The choice of DIY detergent depends on the type of stain.

DIY cleaning of liquids

Cleaning of liquids such as ketchup, syrups, mixed drinks and juices are those stains which are most likely to occur to your carpets when you have small children. Warning. The DIY method for cleaning of those – pouring ammonia over the are – is slightly chemical, so make sure that your children don’t come near while you clean and use good ventilation for you own protection.

DIY cleaning of mud

If you have children, that’s the second most common stain you’ll have to clean. This one is relatively easy – allow the place to dry completely and remove the mud particles. Vacuum and scrub the place with soapy water, using a toothbrush.

DIY cleaning of organic stains

Your kid’s first tooth fell off? Wonderful news. But what about the blood stain on the carpet which will forever remind you for the happening if left like that? Organic stains are those caused by blood, food or coffee. You can erase those with Hydrogen Peroxide. This goes deep into carpet fibres, eliminating the stain without damaging the colours of your carpet. Hydrogen Peroxide isn’t dangerous for children.

If your child is still a baby, you’re very likely to encounter vomit stains on your carpet. Those are best cleaned with baking soda – pour baking soda over the area and use a paper towel to press the particles of the soda to the carpet. After two hours the stain should be gone. And if you’re a cooking enthusiast, try removing greasy stains from your carpet with equal parts of salt and baking soda.

Last but not least, if the stain on your carpet seems immune to all these techniques or if you can’t tell what’s it’s origin, book a professional carpet cleaning service. It’s essential that you book one that uses Eco-friendly cleaning products (those don’t contain hazardous chemicals).

Remember that the carpet is just a cloth and, like any other cloth, it can be permanently damaged if cleaned improperly. The best idea to keep your carpet properly clean is to rely on professional help. However, if you have small children, and even if you don’t – it’s advisable to book such a carpet cleaning service that uses only chemical-free detergents.

-Guest post

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  • Michael Brooke

    That picture is hilarious! HaHa!

    There are some nice tips in this article. One thing I’d like to add, especially for small kids, is that using eco friendly products is a good idea. Kids crawl around all over the carpet and the last thing you want are nasty chemicals sticking around.

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