Blogger Burnout: Why Taking A Break is Important

Blogger burnout is a real thing. It’s no different to the burnout that any other working adult experiences, and it’s pretty similar to Mum burnout. In fact, couple it with Mum burnout, or regular job burnout, or even squish ALL THREE into one big burnout, and you have a recipe for some serious meltdowns.

The most important thing that you can do for yourself to avoid any of these burnouts (or even a combination of them!) is to give yourself a break. Metaphorically and actually. Regular jobs have holiday allowances for a reason. Most of us know how it feels to go back to work after a break; yes there’s the “eurgh, back to work” phase, but there’s also the renewed focus, increased productivity, animated chats in the tea room about how totes amaaaaaaze the holiday was!

As mums and as bloggers, though, we aren’t privy to those same holiday allowances. We aren’t told to “book ‘em or lose ‘em”, and there’s no financial incentive to take a break (cos a paid holiday is basically free money, right?!) It’s easy to pile the pressure on ourselves and to feel as though we have to keep going no matter what. But when it comes to blogging (and mumming), sometimes a break is just what we need to see the wood through the trees.

This week the blogger burnout was real, as was the mum burnout. In fact, it was very real; at one point I felt as though everything was falling apart.

So this week I have done just that. I’ve stayed away from social media, and I’ve loosened the pressure on myself. Yes I want to keep up with my blogging schedule, and yes I’m passionate about staying engaged with my audience (that’s you lovely lot!), but I also don’t ever want this little place of mine online to become something that I feel is a chore. Like most bloggers, I blog because I enjoy it. When it starts to feel like I have to blog, that’s when it stops being fun. I like fun. I don’t like chores.

This week the blogger burnout was real, as was the mum burnout. In fact, it was very real; at one point I felt as though everything was falling apart. We’ve put miles and miles between ourselves and our friends and family, and while we know that we’ve done it for the right reasons, that doesn’t always make it easier. The kids are showing signs of struggling, and this week the threenager struggle seemed to take over every aspect of our lives. Amelia has always been an amazing child, but I have no shame in admitting that for the last couple of weeks I’ve found her impossible. This week especially, I felt for the first time as a parent like I didn’t have any answers, any ideas, or any patience left.

So the blog has taken a back seat. It has to because the kids well-being, and my well-being, is far more important than blogging. Once the blog break is done, it’s time for a mum break! Next weekend I’ll be back in London to meet some amazing bloggers, and generally just be not a mum for a weekend! I can already feel the blogger burnout easing up, and I hope my beak will do the same for the mum burnout. Ultimately, we will all benefit from me taking a step back.

So here’s to taking a break! Raise a glass with me!

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  1. Totally agree. I ended up taking the children’s 10 week summer holiday off this summer and it was so nice not trying to juggle everything especially while the weather was so lovely!! #ablogginggoodtime

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