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Do I Need Blog Productivity Tools to be a Successful Blogger?

If you’ve just started blogging, or even if you’re thinking of starting a blog, you might not be thinking about blog productivity tools. At least not to the extent that you should be.



I mean, it’s just writing blog posts and a bit of social media, right?! Well yes, maybe. If you’re not too bothered about making your blog your business, escaping the 9-5 rat race, or even just making enough money so that your family can be comfortable with you present, then sure; it’s just writing posts and a bit of social media.



So Why Are Blog Productivity Tools Important?


If you do want to make your blog your business, succeed as a solopreneur working from home so you can be more present for your family, then you really need to think about productivity. You don’t need to be aiming for millions of pounds (and you probably shouldn’t be either) because just like with any other business, your blog productivity tools and processes will be the key to simply making a sustainable living from your blog.



  • Planning content in advance dramatically increases your drive to actually write and schedule content.
  • Scheduling posts and content in advance helps keep your blogging stress levels to a minimum.
  • Good productivity stops your passion – blogging – feeling like a never ending chore.



We have all the drive when we first start blogging, but without good productivity processes, it pretty soon starts to feel more like the old work that we were trying to escape. Before you know it, you feel like blogging is taking time away from your family even more than traditional work used to.



I have some processes in place, do I need even more?


You have long term goals, you might have broken them down into shorter term wins, and you might even have broken them down as far as weekly action plans. But you’re still not getting it all done and it feels like it’s all taking forever and you’re always chasing (or missing) deadlines. Why?



Because your productivity processes aren’t serving you (or there at all!)



Every Sunday I make sure to fill my work (blogging) schedule with all the usual weekly blogmin plus any extra stuff; specific projects I’m working on, brand work, or research that needs to be done.



I also check my schedule every day before bed. I always decide what I’m going to when I get up, and get up waaaaay before the kids so I can squeeze an hour in before the nursery/school run.



You don't need to be aiming for millions of pounds (and you probably shouldn't be either) because just like with any other business, your blog productivity tools and processes will be the key to simply making a sustainable living from your blog.



Where do I start?


Before I scheduled like this, the idea of getting a whole post written & scheduled before 7am was a total pipe dream. But it can totally be done. This post you’re reading was written and scheduled by 6:50am one morning before my kids woke up and the usual routine began. It was edited later, and all the images added later even.



This is called batching; completing several of the same tasks all in one sitting before moving onto the next. So instead of writing one post, then editing it, then creating and adding images, then scheduling or posting it, it’s much more time effective to write the copy for several posts in one sitting. In the next sitting you edit all those posts and check the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Then in a later sitting, you create and add the images for all those posts. In your final sitting you schedule all those posts to share across your social media platforms.



Let’s say each ‘sitting’ is a day. In one day, depending on how many hours you devote to your blog, you could write the copy for anything from 3 to 8 posts (my record is 12!) Remember this is without editing, and as long as you have a basic plan for your post, when you just write without editing each post actually shouldn’t take too long. Over the next 3 days or sittings, you batch the things I talked about related to the post, and at the end of 4 days you have up to 8 posts scheduled.



I don’t know about you, but 8 posts scheduled in 4 days is a hell of a lot more than the 2 in 4 days I used to manage!



It’s like anything; it’s easy once you know how. Getting proper productivity processes in place takes a bit of time and initial input, but once they’re set as long as you follow them you’re set for success!



I need better blog productivity tools! Help!


If you’re struggling to keep up with everything, or feel like blogging is starting to take away more time from your family than you’d like, then I seriously recommend getting yourself some kind of schedule and blog productivity tools and processes in place.



7 Days to Ultimate Blog Organisation



The 7 Days to Ultimate Blog Organization planner and workbook has been designed to guide you through getting all your productivity processes set up in just 7 days. By the end of the 7 days, as long as you stick with it, you’ll be set up for ultimate productivity, so that you can free up that precious time to be with your family.



Always remember the golden rule, you can do anything in the time you have, but you can’t do everything at once.



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    1. Haha! Batching really is the way forward! It was just the text and nothing else, then I went back later and made sure the SEO was on point, justified the text, added spacing and images etc…

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