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Birthday Party Prep: My Little Pony – Moana – Frozen

This week I’ve been preparing for Amelia’s 3rd birthday party. Initially, we weren’t going to have a party because, let’s face it, she’s 3, and the likelihood of her looking back in years to come and saying

“Yeah, I totally remember when you threw me that really expensive party for my 3rd birthday. That party, like, shaped my childhood, man”

is pretty slim. But, for reasons I’ll go into another time, we decided that we would throw her a party, and actually I think we got a pretty good deal on a local soft play centre.

The venue hire includes a hot meal for all of the kids, but obviously we need to provide cake, party bags, table cloths, paper plates and cups, juice, and decorations if we want them. For once I’ve been super-organised and have actually had the party bags made and filled for the last week! Usually, I would’ve had all of the best laid plans, lists made etc, and still leave everything until the night before!

Does a ‘Theme’ Really Matter?!

Amelia asked for a My Little Pony theme, which I thought was pretty cool, and decided that I would go with a kind of rainbow colour scheme, chuck a threw ponies at it and hey presto! So I’ve made rainbow party bags/boxes, filled with rainbow inspired gifts and sweets (anyone remember Rainbow Drops?!)

Easy birthday party bag ideas: rainbow boxesEasy birthday party bag ideas: rainbow boxes

Luckily, thanks to being the world’s best procrastinator, that is as far as I have got. Because, for the last 2 days Amelia has suddenly decided that she wants to drop My Little Pony in favour of Moana! So I’ve abandoned my cake making ideas and opted instead for buying a plain cake and buying a personalised Moana topper for it. At just under £3.50 on Ebay I thought this was pretty cool. Nice and simple, and gets the job done! Also the seller was exceedingly helpful and offered to make this topper smaller to fit the cake I had already bought, as well as shipping it the day I bought it. Result!

Easy birthday party ideas: Moana cake topperEasy birthday party ideas: plain cakes

Do We Make Too Much Work For Ourselves?

In a way, she has done me a favour. I did really want to make her a rainbow cake, but the reality is that I probably would have left it until the day before the party, got really stressed about it, it definitely wouldn’t have turned out Pinterest worthy and that would have really bugged me, and then it would more than likely have got damaged in the car to the venue anyway! And either way, I will still get to make her a cake as her party is a whole week before her actual birthday. At least this way we don’t have to share my hard work with a bunch of nursery kids!

Easy birthday party ideas: Frozen tablecloth

Just Go With It!

Amelia saw these Frozen tablecloths a few days ago and instantly decided she wanted them. No matter how much I explained that nothing was going to match, she was having none of it. In the end, I thought

“Fuck it. She knows what she wants, clearly. And if what she wants is to have a ridiculously un-matched party then so be it.”

I went back and got them today. I liked the spotty plates, and figuring the whole things is a complete miss-match now anyway  I went ahead and got them! So we have ended up with a Moana/Rainbow/My Little Pony/Frozen/Polka Dot themed soft play party. Whatever, it’s her party!

Easy birthday party bag ideas: Name bracelet
All the kids have their name on a bracelet as a personal touch in the party bags. They took me about 10 minutes to make!

10 thoughts on “Birthday Party Prep: My Little Pony – Moana – Frozen

  1. It doesn’t matter if it matches I think it will be great and like you said she wont remember specifics. I love the time saving suggestions, I always buy cake as the stress of baking makes me crazy. One year I went so over the top on party bags I swear they were like £7 each. This year my son is six and every other year I have thrown him a party with lots of other children. This year he is at his dads for a week so I wont and I released I felt guilty. Its funny the pressure we put on ourselves! I hope your little lady has a lovely day. Thank you for linking to #stayclassymama xx

    1. Literally not a thing matched, but she lived every minute! All her friends were together, the cake went down a treat with kids and parents alike, and here were no meltdowns, so in my book that’s a successful party!! Haha. Oh bless, I can totally relate to the guilty feeling, but she k sure your son will be having an epic time with his dad, so enjoy the break! X

    1. I can’t quite work out half the time who I’m trying to impress; myself? Amelia? The family? Other kids/parents? x

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