Birthday Cards: To Keep Or Not To Keep?

As with any 3 -year-old, Amelia got a ton of cards for her 3rd birthday last month. Not only did she get a ton of cards, but she also got quite attached to a few of them. One of them even had to go to bed with her a few times. With Mr C’s birthday upon us this weekend, we have broached taking Amelia’s cards down from display with her. Naturally her response was a resounding “NO!”

So I got to thinking about ways that we could preserve the cards without me having to a) have them on display until her 4th birthday, or b) store 40 cards every year only for her to reach 21 and ask;

“What the hell have you kept all these for, Mum?!”

birthday cards

You don’t need to be a creative genius

I’m not going to lie, this probably isn’t the most ingenious, or creative idea you will have ever seen, but it kept her occupied for quite some time on a day when we had nothing else planned and were all feeling under the weather. The finished result is also quite a nice keepsake, as well as being one that I don’t mind actually keeping!

No massive creative talent has gone into this except a basic use of scissors (on my part) and a basic use of a glue stick (sorry Amelia). I chose some of the best bits from her birthday cards and cut them out. You’ll notice that even my scissor skills leave a bit to be desired! One of her cards even came with some stickers (thanks Auntie Claire!) I laid all the bits out on the table with a piece of strong card and a glue stick, explained the idea to Amelia, and left her to it. Then I had my breakfast.

birthday cards birthday cards birthday cards

“These are all your birthday cards, now we can make one big birthday card that we can keep forever! Does that sound like a good idea?”

What do you do with birthday cards? Mr C gets really attached to them, whereas I am pretty nonchalant about just lobbing them in the bin a day or two after the event! I’d rather they didn’t exist full stop to be honest! I’d love to hear how you guys feel about them?


4 thoughts on “Birthday Cards: To Keep Or Not To Keep?

  1. This is a great idea! I have kept the ones for first birthdays but my boys get so many now from family and school friends. I can imagine that making one big card was lots of fun 🙂

    1. Up until now I’ve tried to only keep the ‘special’ ones, and all the first ones too. But I think I’ll do this one big card from all the cards every year with the kids now… it kind of acts as a “what I liked this year” too as most of the cards are themed towards things she liked obviously!x

  2. I keep EVERYTHING. About seven years ago, I went through more than 25 years worth of mementos and filed them into categories by significant person, family or friend group, or life experience. I cannot begin to tell you how meaningful it was to look through all of those notes, cards, and letters! The most precious were all of the cards and notes that my grandmother had sent to me throughout my life. Although she’s been gone almost ten years, I can still open her “file” and look through all of those special thoughts expressed to me in her own handwriting.

    1. Wow! That’s some serious keepsake commitment haha! Part of me wishes I had the patience to do the same, but I just can’t bring myself to! It does sound really lovely though, to be able to look back on all that stuff in years to come.. xx

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