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Ready for School: Never Mind Them, Are You?

Are you ready for school? Am I? Today is the deadline for all primary and junior school place applications. That means that my first born child, my little bundle of fiery energy, is only a stone’s throw from becoming a fully fledged member of a school community.

Basically what I’m saying is;

“Shit!! That kid I birthed has actually got to go to school… Soon!! But she’s so small…

I suppose there are various things that mums (and dads) across the country all do the same way this time every time year, but it doesn’t make it feel any less real. Or any less poignant. The thought of them in a teeny tiny school uniform, their little book bags and packed lunches. The sheer nerves about how they’re going to manage the playground; what if there are bullies? Jeez, what if they bully someone??

Picture of Crayons with text overlaid. Ready for school never mind the kids, are you?

Are they ready for school?

The sad (happy?) fact is that I actually think Amelia is more than ready for school. I think she’d probably do pretty well if I packed her off now for a full week of ABC’s, social interaction, and interactive whiteboards connected to iPads (standard issue these days dontcha know…) I say sad because I know she’s not really getting enough from nursery anymore. She used to burst trying to tell me all the things she’d gotten up to during her day, and now I get a half arsed mumbled “nothing” when I ask. I listen at the door at pick up time, and I can hear the boredom in her voice at circle time when she’s asked;

“Do you know what comes after 5, Amelia?”

“Yep. 6…”

Yesterday she asked me to explain the digestive system.

Malfunction! Need Input…

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not hailing my daughter as the country’s next child genius. All I’m saying is, as sad as it makes me, she’s ready for school. She’s devouring information, eager for input all the time. When she isn’t stimulated enough (which seems to be a lot recently) she’s basically an arsehole on speed.

Don’t judge me.

So part of me wishes I could send her now, closely scrutinised by the part of me that can’t quite fathom how it’s nearly time already. Unlike a lot of mums, though, there isn’t a part of me that wants to keep her at home.

I’ll admit that’s as much for my own sanity as for hers. But mainly because I know that she needs far more than I can offer her. I adore the idea of home schooling, and the principles behind it. I also happen to totally agree with home schoolers in that our education system is set up all wrong. I won’t go into it in detail now, but I do get it. My problem is that Amelia needs the kind of stimulation I just can’t offer her at home. And I need the kind of quiet that can’t be achieved with a kid at home who doesn’t nap anymore.

September 2018 – Are you ready for school?

So here it comes ladies (and gents). There are just 7 1/2 months left until we send our small people off packing into the world of wooden rulers and flicking ink (bloody hell I think I got old…)

How are you feeling about it all? Let me know, use the comments box below or tweet me using one of these hashtags…



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