Surviving Moving Day

6 Tips For Surviving Moving Day: MummyMamaMum Is Moving

Today is was the day!! You might have guessed, yes, today was supposed to be moving day. But there’s always something isn’t there?! In the end, we left it far too late to book a moving van and as a result we couldn’t book anything for today. It’s not a total disaster, though, we’re only delayed until tomorrow.

While it seems like we’re possibly the worst organised people ever when it comes to moving house, I’ve actually come armed today with some of my top tips for surviving moving day, especially when you’ve got small ones to worry about too! Tip 1; Get Rid Of The Kids!

Seriously though if you can, I highly recommend offloading the kids to literally anyone who will have them at least while you pack the moving van/unpack at the other end. Like us, though, that might not always be possible. Seeing as we’re moving just under 100 miles away, it’s highly unlikely that there are going to be any friendly faces waiting at the other end to whisk our kids off for a fun play date. Whilst there’s a ton of family where we’re going, I’m very conscious that the kids just aren’t familiar enough with any of them to be left just yet.

So here’s my top tips for staying sane and surviving moving day!

6 Tips For Staying Sane On Moving Day With Kids

  1. Get Up Early & Have Breakfast. If there’s ever a day that you should try to have a huge breakfast, it’s today! Not only will you benefit from the energy boost, the more the kids eat at breakfast, the less likely they are to harass you every 5 minutes for a snack (at least for an hour or two, anyway!) However, with everything packed away safe in perfectly sealed boxes, I very much doubt you’re going to be whipping up a fluffy omelette or full English with all the trimmings. Why not try a huge fruit platter – watermelon fans, slices of apple and pear, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and anything else you can think of! The kids will love it, and all that goodness will set everyone off to a great start. Failing that, send someone out for <insert well-known burger chain here> breakfast…
  2. Have Outfits Prepared. The very last thing you want to be doing on moving day is scrabbling through boxes trying to find outfits for everyone to wear. No, moving naked probably isn’t an option! Check the weather report the night before and have outfits ready for everyone. Today is the day to be military mama – up, teeth (pack toothbrushes immediately!), breakfast, dressed!
  3. Have drinks handy. Whatever you do, don’t pack the kettle! This will be the 9th time that I personally have moved house in the last 13 years. If there’s one thing I have learnt it’s that there’s always a bag/box that is the last to be packed and sits firmly in the passenger seat foot well of the moving van. The drinks box. The drinks box must at the very least be home to coffee, tea, a teaspoon, sugar, fresh or UHT/longlife milk, 3-4 mugs or disposable cups, and juice. I also always have a sponge and anti-bacterial spray in my box, for any last minute touch ups before I close the door for the final time. These items are always the very last to go in a box or bag, and the very first to leave the moving van when I arrive at the new place!
  4. Prepare Activity Bags. It makes total sense to put a little bit of thought into what you pack for the kids to play with. It can be tempting to just throw in whatever you can find in the mess of the packed up house, but it’ll pay off if you take a bit of time out to plan their bags. There are some amazing activity bag ideas on Pinterest you can check out, but my top tip is to pack things that are likely to keep them occupied for the most time. Things like building blocks are great because there’s no limit to what they can do with them, which means less chance of the kids getting bored quickly.
  5. Snacks! Food cures everything. Picture the scene; you’ve been up since 6am, packed your entire life into a van, walked 10,000 steps before 11am, and now you’re stuck in a car or van with 2 (or more) whingey or worse, screaming, kids who want to know for the 80,000th time if you’re nearly there yet. Now’s your time, grab those sweets and make sure it’s a share bag! If you time it right, the momentum of the car coupled with the inevitable sugar crash will make for the perfect journey! Ok I jest, but it’s seriously worth cramming as many snacks as possible into any spare space you have in the car or van. Any breakfast leftovers, slices of apple or pear, even the humble bread and butter!
  6. Unpack The Kids Stuff First. Moving home is a big deal for kids, and even though it might feel like there are a thousand important things to get unpacked, there’s literally nothing more important than the kids stuff on the first night. The first night in a new home always has the potential to be a tricky one with kids, for all the obvious reasons. It’s safe to say that their usual routine is likely to go out of the window, but if you can get a few home comforts into their bedroom before bedtime it can make that first night’s sleep just a little bit easier for everyone. At least if they are comfortable enough to sleep you can use the time to focus on some other key areas of the house ready for the morning.

Have you moved with small kids? I’d love to hear your top tips!

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