5 Stress Reducing Tips When Moving with Kids: Guest Post

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I planned on making our moving day as stress free as possible. Most of what I said I would do I did, and it definitely made the day run pretty smoothly. That being said, I’m handing over to Hayden today with some seriously awesome stress-reducing tips when you’re faced with the big home move.

Above all, getting back to the usual routine as quickly as possible has got to be number one! But it never even occurred to me to create or go on some kind of memory trail before we left. I guess because I hated the area so much I didn’t stop to think that the kids might not see it that way.

Anyway, over to Hayden;

Whether you’re moving across the street or to an entirely different state, moving is a major transition. Adults may feel the stress of the move, but children are even more vulnerable because of their age. Strange noises, an empty house and unknown destinations make their stress levels rise too. As parents, it’s crucial to make the moving experience as positive as possible. By making the process a fun and exciting time, you’ll improve everyone’s stress levels. Follow these stress-reducing tips to make a move with kids that much easier.

Stress Reducing Moving With Kids

Check Your Stress Levels

Before you deal with the stress in your children’s lives, be aware of your concerns. Adults deal with a lot of multitasking and worries as a move approaches. Try to organize yourself and the household so that the move isn’t one, big whirlwind. Start with your moving plans at around eight weeks out from the big day. By piecing out the work over several weeks, your stress levels will definitely drop.

Get the Kids Involved Before the Big Day

Focus on your children’s stress levels by familiarizing them with the moving process. They can be in charge of packing their toys or clothes with an adult’s supervision. By getting the kids involved with the process, it doesn’t seem frightening anymore. They’re pleased to be “big kids” as they help out the adults with packing chores.

Create a Memory Adventure

Don’t overload your kids with packing tasks, however. They need some transition time just like you do in these situations. Take a day or afternoon to walk down memory lane. Head out to a favourite attraction so that you can enjoy the region one more time. This memory adventure is beneficial for everyone involved because it allows you to see the bigger picture of moving away. You’ll appreciate your neighbours and community even more than before.

Distract Them on Moving Day

There’s no getting around moving day as a stressful period. The moving company works like a machine to get your items packed onto the vehicle. Ideally, take your kids out of this equation by sending them to a loved one’s home. As an alternative, hire a babysitter to watch the kids as you direct the moving process. The kids simply need entertainment at this point so that the stress isn’t bothersome.

Get Back to Basics

Once everyone is in the new home, the stress may still continue. Alleviate the stress by returning to the regular routine. Get the kids in bed at the same time every night, and head off to school in the morning without any delays. A simple routine helps everyone transition into the new home.

Remember to pay attention to your stress levels. Your children notice the changes in the household so be honest with your feelings. Take a break with your kids so that the stress can filter away for a short period. Return to the tasks at hand with a fresh mind afterward. Moving is just one hurdle in the game of life.

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