5 Date Night Ideas Making Time For Us

5 Date Night Ideas: Making Time For Us

We all know that life is hectic, especially when you add kids into the equation! Finding time to enjoy an actual date when you spend your days fielding poonami’s, projectile vomit, school or nursery runs, 5am wakeup calls, and constant demands for snacks can be difficult at the best of times. Mr C and I have been chatting this week about finding more time for us. The reality of it is that babysitters are not always forthcoming. Finding the energy to actually get dressed and leave the house can definitely be a chore, too! So between us, we’ve come up with 5 date night ideas that we can do from the comfort of our own home, even when the kids are home!

Movie Night

Date Night Ideas

This is definitely not a new idea, but it is one that can be simply achieved while still feeling special. My top tip on this one would be to decide on the movie (and make sure you have it or it’s available on Netflix or wherever you stream movies from) in advance. This eliminates the inevitable wasted hour trying to agree on a film, by which time you’re both falling asleep on the sofa! Mr C and I have completely different taste in films – he loves crappy RomComs (sorry to any RomCom fans!) and I love a good horror. We’re never going to agree on either of these genres, so we tend to try and think outside the box. It doesn’t always go to plan, though. Sorry, but Don Jon anyone? What a pile of crap.

The key to movie night is to make it an event. Get the popcorn and snacks in, close the curtains, snuggle up on the sofa. And here’s the big one; TRY not to fall asleep! Easier said than done, I know…

Game Night

When was the last time you played cards? I genuinely can’t remember! As soon as we’re settled after our move next month, I fully intend on teaching Mr C how to play poker. If you’re feeling it, you can pretty much spice up any old game by adding alcohol and “strip” before it’s name (once the kids are definitely asleep!) Strip Poker, Strip Charades, Strip Monopoly? If you have any Strip Monopoly rules you want to share, hit me up in the comments!

Make Dinner an Event

Date Night Ideas

Dinner when you have kids, especially of the small variety, has a tendency to become a bit of a 4:30pm war zone. There’s mushed up food all over the walls, and probably you too! Can you even remember the days of eating a leisurely Italian (food, that is!), sipping on a glass of wine whisky while chatting about your day? Nope, me neither. Every now and then, save your dinner for after the kids are asleep. It doesn’t really matter what it is, it could be chicken nuggets and chips, or you could go all out and recreate that pre-kids Italian! Light some candles, get dressed for dinner, put your phones elsewhere, and just enjoy eating a good meal together.

Camp Out – Inside

One of the best nights that Mr C and I ever had was Valentine’s night when I was pregnant with Amelia. By February, I felt pretty much ready to drop (she was born late March) and we didn’t fancy straying too far from home. We ordered Chinese (which was an absolute disaster because it took hours to arrive) but the absolute icing on the cake was the indoor camp-out that he set up in our living room. It was literally as simple as a duvet, some throws and cushions laid out on the floor. We turned the lights down and snuggled up watching a film.

If you fancy splashing out a bit, why not even invest in a projector? That way in the summer you could set yourselves up in the garden, candles lit, and your very own outdoor cinema! At the risk of going off topic, this would also double up amazingly as a cool activity for the kids!

Have A First Date

Date Night Ideas

So this one’s a bit random, and can either end up being really awkward or absolutely hilarious. If there’s one thing I don’t miss about being single, it’s first dates. I find first encounters with pretty much anyone really awkward, especially when you’re trying to almost sell yourself to your potential future husband.

But when you’ve been together for a long time, years even, sometimes just getting back to basics is just what the doctor ordered. Pretend it’s the first time you’ve met, ask all those awkward ‘getting to know you’ questions. You never know, you might even learn a thing or two about each other! When you’ve been together for years, hearing a funny anecdote for the very forst time can help re-light a spark that you might have even forgotten as there!

The rest has the potential to be side-splittingly hilarious. What do I do in my spare time? Mostly try to reach my toenails to attempt to paint them while avoiding stepping on toys that will probably lead to a broken ankle. Ok, sometimes honesty really isn’t the best policy!

What Do You Do?

We’re also on the hunt for new ideas ourselves, so if you have anything that I’ve missed, feel free to let me know in the comments!


  • Ella

    I think what you call a date night, most people just call living together as a couple?! Do you really need a reminder to spend an evening together? Or is it the organised sex element that appeals? Either way it’s pretty sad that you’ve realised that you don’t spend enough time together. I hope it’s not too late to reconnect x

    • MummyMamaMum

      Thank you for your comment. I suppose we are a little bit disconnected at times, yet somehow at the the times when it really matters we are more solid and together than ever. As for organised sex, your tone almost came across as derogatory, which I’m sure wasn’t your intention given that for many parents ‘organised’ sex is the best option to ensure any sex whatsoever! As for time spent together, naturally being parents of 2 children under 5 we spend oodles of time together. Often our time is spent playing in the park, filling our children’s tummies with nutritious food, shopping for aforementioned nutritious food, ensuring they have a clean and happy home, and most recently, packing up our entire house to move them to a better home in a better area, simultaneously organising new work arrangements for ourselves, visiting schools and nurseries, and holding down jobs. And that’s aside from all the organised sex (ha!) Our lives are busy, our children are our first priority, and sometimes an organised date night (sex session) in our own front room is just what we need to ‘reconnect’. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.x

  • Stephanie

    Such a great list. Movie nights and dinner are my favorite. Everyone has become too busy in today’s world–which is not expected when we think about the word “Life.” Let’s find time for own happiness and enjoy the life 🙂

  • Liz Deacle

    You’re right, its so important to make time for yourselves. I remember my older sister saying to me, “the kids will leave home and then its just you two, so make sure you’ve still got a relationship to go to..”(bit depressing at the time I must admit, but actually, really true!)
    Great post! #BloggerClubUK

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