• You can take down the inspirational picture from the treat cupboard door and hide the fucker where it'll never see the light of day again, and you can easily convince yourself it's just a treat/bad day/one-off... weightloss edit

    The Weightloss Edit: How to be Accountable

    Welcome back to The Weightloss Edit. A few weeks ago, I made a deal with myself that I was going to get back to where I know I am comfortable and healthy, which is going to involve dropping a few (lots) of pounds. I know that my tendency to be easily distracted is high when it comes to eating well. I hoped that by sharing my weekly meal plan and results I might stay more motivated and in turn maybe help to motivate others too.

  • I was afraid of having a daughter. I was afraid that our relationship would be like mine with my mum, that maybe I wouldn't love her. That somehow the pain my mum suffered with her own mum, and the trials between her and I, would continue with me and my daughter

    Mum and Daughter Bond: Can You Repair the Past?

    Last week I spent my Saturday re-binge watching season 7 of Gilmore Girls.  I’ll be honest, it was a bit of a ‘meh’ week and I’d been feeling a tad crappy. Gilmore Girls has always been my go-to feel good series, and that’s how I found myself holed up in my office turned cinema for the day while the kids and Mr C had their day together playing in the garden and generally being playful fools. I paused my cinema day only to prepare food, eat food, and pop out for the occasional cuddle and chat with the kids.   via GIPHY Be Who You Want To Be As I…

  • I think trying to organise our Christmas plans for this year has just reminded me how far we are from some of the people we love the most. We made the decision to move in the summer for all the right reasons, and I wouldn't change our decision for the world. But I didn't expect to miss everyone quite this much

    The Final Countdown: Where Will You Be This Christmas?

    60 days. 2 exact months. 1440 hours (depending on what time you’re reading this!) Yep, sorry, but I’m talking about Christmas before we’ve even had Halloween or Guy Fawkes night. But it’s ok, I’m not going to bore you (yet) with my personal letter to Santa, the top buys for 3-year-olds in 2017, or the ultimate guide to Christmas decorating like a pro on a budget. I’m not fully in Christmas mode yet! That being said, we started to seriously discuss our Christmas plans some time around July this year. Staying Home For Christmas This will be our second year celebrating with both kids, and the first in our new…

  • I really wish we were having a Halloween party this year. We're not, so I've decided that I'm going to live vicariously through you lovely lot!

    Halloween Party Ideas: Dealing with my FOMO

    I really wish we were having a Halloween party this year. We’re not, so I’ve decided that I’m going to live vicariously through you lovely lot! Please feel free to send me and/or tag me in any photos of your Halloween  parties so I can feel like I’m part of the gang!