• As Things Stand Right Now, I'm A SAWAHM (Stay And Work At Home Mum) And While I Have More Freedom It Can Be Just As Much A Juggling Act As When I Was Working Out Of The Home Sometimes.

    At Home Full Time: Why I Chose What I Thought I Never Would – Part 1

    Last month I quit my job. My legit reason for doing so, as most of you will know, is because we moved 100 miles across (and down a bit) the country. The official line is that once the new school term starts, Amelia gets back into nursery, and we get Christmas out of the way I will start looking for work. I have no concerns that I’ll get a job, but in the meantime I’m hoping I can make enough of a go with the blog that I won’t have to.

  • Gentle Parenting Calm Down

    Gentle Parenting: The Calm Down Corner

    I’ve never really liked the idea of the naughty step. It’s always kind of seemed to me like banishing a child for having emotions. Sometimes, though, removal from a situation isn’t a bad lesson to learn; in the adult world certain behaviours will actually get you banished from places. Some behaviours will get you segregated from the rest of the world for a long time, some will just get you chucked out of the pub. Either way, banishment is a real consequence for real actions in the real world. Probably a bit harsh for a 3-year-old, though, at least in its purest form.

  • Bank Holiday Kids West

    Bank Holiday Family Fun Ideas: West Country

    Bank Holidays before I had kids always gave me this magical feeling that anything was possible. Inevitably, though, I ended up lounging around in bed until noon then basically wasting the day trying to think of cool and interesting things to do with myself. Those days are well and truly over, and quite frankly I wish I’d appreciated that time in bed more!