• the vSculpt which has been specifically designed to help with pelvic floor tightening and other *ahem* issues that a lot of us face post kids, I jumped at the chance.

    Pelvic Floor Rejuvenation with vSculpt

    A little while ago I talked about so-called pregnancy rules and how I ignored pretty much all of them! One of the biggest things that I noticed when I was reading the comments on the post was that so many of us didn’t bother with pelvic floor exercises and have lived to regret it.   Thinking back to when I was pregnant with Amelia, I’m not going to lie, I was blatantly like;   “I don’t have time for that shit... And seriously what difference is it gonna make, I’m gonna get stretched beyond recognition anyway. Jeez, a baby has to come out of there!”   And then when I…

  • Surviving Moving Day

    6 Tips For Surviving Moving Day: MummyMamaMum Is Moving

    Today is was the day!! You might have guessed, yes, today was supposed to be moving day. But there’s always something isn’t there?! In the end, we left it far too late to book a moving van and as a result we couldn’t book anything for today. It’s not a total disaster, though, we’re only delayed until tomorrow.

  • Taking A Break: Listen To Your Body

    You might have noticed that things over here have been a little quieter than usual for the last few weeks. Or you might not have noticed at all! What feels quiet to me probably isn’t all that quiet at all! There has been a fair amount going on in our house for the last month, with the absolute biggest thing being our upcoming move to (literally) greener pastures (this Saturday!) It has occurred to me that I probably should have considered taking a break from blogging altogether until we were moved and settled.   I’m the kind of person who likes to work with a clear structure, expectations, and schedules.…