• Weaning William

    Wills is 6 months (and a week) old, and is currently eating 3 meals per day alongside 3x 7oz Aptamil formula (dropped from 4x 7oz this week as he didn't seem to want the fourth bottle).

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    Switch Off Mama

    My heart was broken this weekend as the result of a tragic loss. My mood took a downward turn and I felt almost empty. I had a little cry, I had moments of anger, I desperately longed for the feeling to go away, for just one more moment with that which was gone. I hugged my kids to make me feel better, soaking up all of their love and allowing it to heal me.

  • Dear William: Half A Year

    Dear William, Today you have been on this huge planet for half a year. 6 months. 26 weeks (and 1 day). 183 days. 4392 hours! The time has quite literally flown by. It feels like only yesterday that the only figure I could have written on paper was half a minute.   Over the last 6 months, so many things have happened; too many to document. We have had smiles and laughter, tears and sickness, highs and lows, so many firsts and so many still to come. I will not lie to you, the prospect of your arrival shocked, terrified, and confused us. You see, the wise old doctors told…