Taking A Break: Listen To Your Body

You might have noticed that things over here have been a little quieter than usual for the last few weeks. Or you might not have noticed at all! What feels quiet to me probably isn’t all that quiet at all! There has been a fair amount going on in our house for the last month, with the absolute biggest thing being our upcoming move to (literally) greener pastures (this Saturday!) It has occurred to me that I probably should have considered taking a break from blogging altogether until we were moved and settled. Continue reading “Taking A Break: Listen To Your Body”

I’m Not OK

I need a f***ing break.

I am writing this knowing that Mr C is taking both kids to GG’s (Great Grandma in case you were wondering!) tomorrow for the day. I love going there, GG and Auntie Claire are fantastic and I always really enjoy our visits (especially dinner!) but when I was unwell during the week Mr C suggested that I might want to stay home. As much as I am gutted to be missing a visit and I am actually feeling tons better, I just know that I need the day to myself.

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