Slave To The Rhythm: Is Our Routine Ruining My Life?

I shoot Mr C devil eyes when he agrees to take the kids somewhere over lunchtime. I HATE it when naptime gets messed around, because it only leads to trouble. It also has a knock on effect for days after, which is not pretty either. But to be honest, there are times when sticking to the routine so rigidly makes my life difficult. Until Amelia drops the nap, leaving the house at any point of the day requires military precision.

Since Amelia was born I have stuck to a pretty strict routine. Ok, maybe not from the day she was born, but definitely a couple of weeks or so after. Almost every single day from the age of 2 weeks to about 15 months the evening routine was bath, milk, bed at 7pm. Naturally her routine during the day changed as her needs changed, but eventually we settled on lunch at 11:30, nap around 12:15, dinner around 5, bed at 7. These days we opt for a bath every other day (ish). Those of you with more than 1 kid will get it! Continue reading “Slave To The Rhythm: Is Our Routine Ruining My Life?”

Weaning William| MummyMamaMum

I have done a few things differently with William in comparison to how I weaned Amelia. Amelia is a great eater for the most part, but there were a few things I wished I had approached differently, and things that I have learned since she was first weaning have shaped how I am weaning Wills. Things have also changed in our lives and routines that have affected how I have chosen to wean him, like being on a slightly tighter budget than we were back then, the pressure of having to feed a family of four on a daily basis, and me joining Slimming World back in August 2015.

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