Relaxed Parenting: Does It Mean I Don’t Care?!

Relaxed Parenting Doesn't Mean I Don't Care

I come up against this quite a lot, especially when I’m out with the kids. My family get how we parent, Mr C’s family get how we parent, our friends get how we parent. Not only do they get it, almost all of them agree that for the most part, the way we parent seems to work. I’m by no stretch of the imagination saying that we are amazing parents; far from it! I’m also not suggesting that ours is the only way – every single one of us, every family, every child, every person’s needs, is different. But the way that we choose to parent works for us, and it works for our kids. I suppose you could call it relaxed parenting, but there are many ways in which it is not relaxed at all. Continue reading “Relaxed Parenting: Does It Mean I Don’t Care?!”