5 Pregnancy Rules I Ignored: Why You Should Too!

Pregnancy Rules Ignored

Even the first time around when I was pregnant with Amelia, I found myself having to defend certain things that I was or wasn’t doing. Some of the so-called rules out there, after doing my own research I just decided to ignore. Others I just either wasn’t very organised, or couldn’t bear the thought of it (antenatal classes!) Continue reading “5 Pregnancy Rules I Ignored: Why You Should Too!”

Life With Two Kids: No More Please!

This time 18 months ago, the idea of having more than one kid was as far from my mind as possible, let alone more than two! And yet, here we are with two kids. And there we were a couple of months ago desperately taking pregnancy test after pregnancy test to see if I was pregnant with number three. Continue reading “Life With Two Kids: No More Please!”

The PND Curse

PND Curse

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There is a long history of PND and physical abuse in my family; my mum, her mum, her mum’s mum, and likely further back too. I have spent a huge chunk of my life being told that I would be the one to ‘break the cycle’ and that things would be different for me. My mum has always had this theory that the issues within our family centre around the first born female. I know, sounds like a Cinderella curse, doesn’t it?! Continue reading “The PND Curse”

Pregnant For A Year And A Half| MummyMamaMum

When it comes up, I often laugh and light-heartedly declare “Yeah, I was basically pregnant for like a year-and-a-half!” like it’s no big thing.

But the more time goes by, the more I realise that it is a big thing. It was big thing to me then, and it is a big thing to me now. And it might be a big thing to you too, whether it be right now, some time ago, or in the future.

Continue reading “Pregnant For A Year And A Half| MummyMamaMum”